The Nicenik virus, art by Mike Hadley and John M Burns.

Niceniks are Badniks that have been afflicted with a virus that turns them "nice". In this condition, Niceniks are programmed to defend Sonic the Hedgehog and also take great care to look after the environment.


Early on into Doctor Robotnik's rule over Mobius, the Freedom Fighters decided to turn things in their favour. Porker Lewis designed a machine fitted to a long staff that would destroy Badniks and infect their remains with a "Nicenik" virus. On testing this for the first time on a number of Moto Bugs in the Green Hill Zone, Sonic believed that the weapon had failed, inadvertantly turning the Badniks to "scrap". When Badnik Army Repair Functionaries Cam and Bert arrived to fix the Badniks, however, Cam was forced to drain the virus before Bert repaired them.

A pair of Niceniks, Bim and Bom, escaped (presumably after being rebuilt but before being cured) and roamed the Green Hill Zone with their new mission. After witnessing Bert blowing up "Sonic" (actually the Triple-S), the Niceniks attacked B.A.R.F. but were destroyed themselves. The virus was then removed and there were presumably no more, but one lone Nicenik was seen sniffing flowers after B.A.R.F.'s departure. Despite this, Niceniks have never returned.


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