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The Next Issue page of Sonic the Comic was a teaser as to what was to be expected in next fortnight's issue. In the early days of the comic, Next Issue would appear on the inside back cover, directly after Speedlines. The main focus would be art from next issue; this art may be of the cover, a snapshot of a new story, or a direct link for a cliffhanger within the same issue. On rare occasions, such as when stickers were to be given out, the only art on the page would be of next issue's free gift.

Often listed below the image would be the stories that were set to appear next time. The largest 'headline' would either be that of the accompanying art, or just the Sonic the Hedgehog story. Features like the Graphic Zone or pin-ups would also be listed.

The Next Issue page was almost always at the back, but later editions of Sonic the Comic would find this feature between strips, perhaps on the back of a poster or advert. Later still, Next Issue would become half-page afterthoughts. Right up until Issue 94, the Data Strip could be found as part of the Next Issue page.

Sonic the Comic Online has retained this page as a feature, serving the same purpose of the print page, minus the Data Strip. On occasion, such as the run-up to Issue 250, a video trailer was used instead.