Newtron 99

Art by Andy Pritchett.

Newtrons are first-generation Badniks created by Dr. Robotnik. They first appeared in Sonic the Comic Issue 1 and were based on the enemies seen in the Sonic the Hedgehog video game.

In the Mega Drive game, Newtrons rendered themselves invisible until Sonic approached them. They would then attack either by dropping to the ground and charging with their jet boosters, or by firing an energy blast from their mouthes. In STC, however, they neither used projectile weapons nor cloaking technology. They simply attacked enemies with their claws, teeth, and tails. Early Newtron models were quadraped, but in later issues they became bipedal. They have served well as melee fighters in Robotnik's army, but were decommisioned after the electromagnetic pulse.



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