New Year Twister is a joint Miles "Tails" Prower and Knuckles the Echidna complete story that first appeared in Issue 120. It was later reprinted in Issue 197.



It's the New Year and Tails has come to the Floating Island's Ice Cap Zone to visit Knuckles. The echidna is initially grumpy, not knowing the date, but is eventually more annoyed that Sonic the Hedgehog didn't turn up. Their conversation is put on hold when Knuckles is forced to rescue Tails from an oncoming avalanche. He quickly digs the submerged biplane out from under the snow and the pair decide to go to the safer Mushroom Hill Zone. There, Tails becomes more concerned about missing his breakfast, but Knuckles' attentions turn to a tornado ripping through the Zone. Knuckles manages to anchor himself to a cliff and holds Tails steady until the twister goes. Oddly, there has been no damage and Tails has also noticed movement in the bushes. Believing it to be Badniks, Knuckles causes a tremor that reveals the culprit - Sonic! Both he and Tails are here to test Knuckles while Doctor Robotnik is still a threat.



The previous Knuckles the Echidna story was Loose Ends, the next being On The Run.

Tails' previous adventure was Going Crackers and this is followed by Recipe for Disaster.

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