New Year Out is a complete Amy Rose story from Issue 146.



After their Christmas break on Mobius, Amy and Tekno the Canary are once again in the Limbo Dimension, continuing their mystery tour through time and space. They soon arrive in a world surrounded by ghostly clocks. Soon, a man wearing a banner sporting the year 1950 explains that the girls are the only ones that can save the universe from destruction. He explains he is one of the Spirits of the Years Past; each New Year's Eve, a new spirit enters the Time Stream and guides the new year on its intended course. Before he can explain any more, 1977 runs up and tells them to look out for the Time Waster, a massive beast of energy that quickly attacks everyone. From behind a rock, 1868 attempts to explain what is happening, but is too long-winded to understand. The younger 1977 translates, saying that damage done to the timeline has created the monster. Since it's the day before 1999, the corresponding ghost should be entering the Time Stream, but 1930 has decided to enter instead. Rather than turning time back to how he remembers, it will actually end time itself! 1099 explains that if any of the spirit touches the Time Waster, their year will be erased from time, leaving it up to the girls.

Amy pulls out her crossbow, but the bolts bounce harmlessly off the Time Waster. Instead, Tekno distracts it whilst Amy heads for the source of the problem. At the Time Stream, 1930 is eager to turn back time, but Amy is in time to stop him. The elderly spirit is slow to understand the danger in him changing time, so Amy changes tact, considering the worst parts of 1930 and the advances in medicine and technology. As 1930's nostalgia fades, the Time Waster disappears and 1930 has a change in heart. As planned, 1999 enters the Time Stream and the others celebrate Hogmanay. With the universe saved, Amy and Tekno head to their next destination.


  • 1099 states that nobody is allowed to touch the Time Waster, meaning they can't stop 1930, leaving to Amy. However, the Time Waster was nowhere near 1930, meaning there was no danger in talking to him.


The previous Amy Rose story was Dream On. The next is Small Talk.

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