Art by Dave Windett and John M Burns

The Nameless Zone is a dimension that exists parallel to Mobius. Unknown to anyone on Mobius, this world is actually the homeland of Miles "Tails" Prower, who left the Nameless Zone for unknown reasons. The Nameless Zone was introduced in Sonic the Comic Issue 16.


The Nameless Zone appears to be in a period of medieval or Victorian development. The villages appear rural and no advanced technology is present, the inhabitants relying on simple technology and magic in their day to day lives.


The Nameless Zone and its neighbouring realms are inhabited primarily by four races: foxes, bats, goblins and Berzerkers. Foxes make up the majority of the population with bat tribes dwelling in the forests. Goblins tend to reside in the more mountainous areas whereas Berzerkers are usually found in The Land Beyond, across the Dimension Bridge.


The foxes of the Nameless Zone are led by a trinity of magicians called the Enchanter Kings, who are benevolent in their leadership and use their magic to keep the Zone prosperous. They are peaceful and do not have a very strong military, relying on only a handful of warriors for their defence as well as their "champion", Tails. Currently, the Nameless Zone has fallen under the occupation of the Goblin nation, who use military force and superior technology to enforce their rule.


For many years, the Nameless Zone existed as a peaceful area away from the toils of Mobius, the only problem being the odd bat pests and internal squabbling. It was during this time that Tails grew up, bullied by the likes of Witless Chris and Scratchy. He soon turned things in his favour by learning to fly and saving his rival. He soon grew eager to visit the outer world of Mobius after hearing stories of the roads being paved with Emeralds. Before he could leave, Shirob, one of the Enchanter Kings, went missing. Some say he was kidnapped by the evil Trogg, when the truth was that he was Shirob, turned insane after an accidental encounter with The Dark One. After a brief attempt at occupying the Zone, Trogg was exiled to the Land Beyond. A magic spell was concocted that forced Trogg to battle the Zone's "champion" should he ever wish to bring a berserk army to invade.

Tails left to Mobius, traveling the world before meeting Sonic the Hedgehog in the Swampland Zone. The pair teamed up on many adventures against Doctor Robotnik and Tails decided to write home to his family. Unfortunately, his embellished letters (stating Tails was the hero of Mobius and Sonic was his sidekick) reached the Kings, who were in need of a fearsome warrior. Tails was summoned home and made to fight Trogg, stopping him from invading the Nameless Zone. Despite his reluctance, Tails accidentally defeated Trogg, saving his home, but gained a spiteful enemy in the meantime. He was soon called back again, teaming up with Errol Blackthorn after an image of Shirob had appeared in the Magic Crystal of Communication. The pair ventured to the Land Beyond, but it was all a trick by Trogg to lure his hated enemy to his death. Tails and Errol managed to escape, learning the truth about Shirob.

Tails returned once more, tasked by Shaman Warpull with a rescue mission. Cubs Jimmy and Jilly had been captured by Prince Catalus, a goblin prince and Tails was sent to retrieve them. After battling a gryphon and venturing to the centaur town of Portstable, Tails made his way to Castle Morbidden and participated in a fox hunt led by Queen Vulpecula-Huntar. The three foxes escaped and Tails was a hero once more. His next visit was with Knuckles the Echidna, with the two heading back to the Land Beyond. Teaming up with Morain, the heroes saved the Enchanter Kings from evil transformations at the hands of The Dark One and even succeeded in reverting Trogg into a fox again.

Although the bezerker problem was over, goblins were rising in prominence. The evil neighbors had established a new castle in the middle of the Nameless Zone and new king Roubal convinced the Enchanter Kings to sign a humiliating truce to avoid bloodshed. Goblin occupation grew worse, with them eventually meddling in everyday fox life. Not all aspects of them were negative; improved technology led to increased trade between the two regions and both were starting to work together in search of peace. Despite this, Morain yearned for days of freedom and started up a resistance group, recruiting Pippa, Trent and later Tails. When Tails learned that the plan was to bomb a passenger train and that Morain considered goblin civilians to be legitimate targets, Tails defected, earning the ire of Morain.

Tails later returned when summoned by Pippa; the three rebels had destroyed a new castle construction, but had trapped themselves in the process. When the police arrived, the four foxes ventured to Mobius to learn about a real war. After being instilled with a sense of perspective, the three vowed to try another way to fight for change: Morain admitted that Errol's efforts were making a difference and improving conditions for the foxes. They also vowed to return to Mobius when the Nameless Zone was at ease.

Another trip to the Nameless Zone was in order when Tails was busy delivering a birthday cake to Sonic. As in "Hero to Mobius", the adventure itself wasn't seen, but Trent described it as "undoubtably our greatest, most daring adventure yet".


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