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Nack the Weasel is a recurring villain within Sonic the Comic, who operates both on his own and as something of a mercenary. He is notably technically minded, having developed his own weapons and tech, such as the size-altering cartridges adorning his hat, and a disrupter for use against Metallixes. Nack is also very intelligent, always thinking several moves ahead, planning for any eventuality and setting up back-up plans.

Early Days

Nack first appeared as a member of Chaotix, and assisted briefly in the crew's attempt to rescue the Omni Viewer from the Brotherhood of Metallix, along with Knuckles, before leading them straight into the Emperor Metallix's clutches. He'd been working with the Brotherhood the entire time, supplying them with the access codes to capture Omni. Upon learning of his imminent extermination, he tried to fight back but to no avail. Fortunately for him, he didn't take the full force of the attacking Metallix's death ray.

Nack spent the next few months recuperating in a prison hospital, but broke out as soon as he was back to full strength, possibly framing Chaotix for a bank robbery shortly afterwards. He then visited the Floating Island, seeking to plunder the treasures of the Sandopolis Zone with the use of a shrink ray, thus making the haul easier to carry. While he would later return the treasure to its normal size to sell it, his plan was thwarted by Knuckles and Chaotix, who returned him to prison. Upon his next escape, he modifed his srhink ray into a cartridge form, returned to the Special Zone and was hired by Lord Sidewinder to aid in the recruitment of Super Sonic. While Nack was wary of the idea, his love for money overrode any reservations he held. When battling Chaotix again, now aided by Sonic, he utilised the cartridges, but was still beaten back by the shrunken Sonic, and when his technology backfired, Nack was shrunk to the size of an atom.


Nack later mastered the use of his cartridges, and used them in a bank heist, challenging Sonic to stop him the next day. When Sonic and Porker Lewis rumbled the weasel, Nack effortlessly used the cartridges in combat and almost beat Sonic, but was forced to retreat when the police arrived. He was later hired by Grimer, who adapted his shrinking technology for Transportation Belts so the pair could visit the microscopic world of Shanazar in search of Doctor Robotnik, who had disappeared in his last battle with Sonic and Knuckles. Upon their arrival, Nack and Grimer were imprisoned by Robotnik, who had miraculously transformed back into Doctor Kintobor. When Kintobor reverted to his Robotnik state, Nack was released and fled the city. He lay low for a while, but returned as backup when Robotnik tried using the Dimension Blender to merge Shanazar and Mobius together.

Sonic the Comic Online

When Nack reappeared, he went on a high-profile crime spree in Metropolis Zone, targeting a number of electrical retailers. Tails took the weasel on, and lost in two confrontations with him, the second down to being lured into a trap. He was brought down in the last battle though, literally, his ship crashing into the river. Faking his own death, Nack lay low again before returning to his old home in the Diamond Fjord Zone, which had since been conquered by the Coal Creek Zone, his fellow weasels enslaved and put to work in the mines.

Nack was able to bribe the general to overthrow the war council, and became Zone Leader, harbouring a plan to conquer the nearby Ocean Falls Zone. When Tekno the Canary learned of the plan, she was arrested and shortly after freed by Amy Rose. Nack personally pursued the girls to the Ocean Falls Zone, running the risk of starting a war. Just when he was getting stuck into battle, the general arrived to stop him, as did the Ocean Falls Zone Leader.

It can be safely assumed that Nack and the general are quietly continuing their plans of conquest, unless they have since allied with Robotnik in his latest attempt to conquer the world.


  • The original plan for Nack in Shanazar would have involved Sonic pursuing him across the planet in search of the Transportation Belt, and thus the way home. This idea fell through however, following Nigel Kitching being fired from the writing staff.


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