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Gold is the mysterious leader of the S.P.E.A.R.
paramilitary group in the Metropolis Zone. Not only is he behind his group's attack on the Brain Drain Society, an electromagnetic pulse on a fleet of Badniks and a crackdown using tear gas on protestors, he has also been instrumental in influencing the League of Super-Evil Villains into hiring Fockewulf de Shrike as an assassin as well as inviting the Freedom Fighters for a meeting. Gold feels that the Freedom Fighters' efforts in thwarting Dr Robotnik lack mettle and plans for him and his group to bring the dictator down without their help. While he initially appeared to be a Robotnik supporter, he later stated that the banner with Robotnik's face on in the groups headquarters enables him to think like the enemy. Oddly enough, while he seems to disapprove of the Freedom Fighters as a whole, he bears no ill will towards Tails. Despite his refined appearance, Gold is no stranger to action and is a dab hand in combat, literally, his bionic left hand giving him immense strength. Gold remains tight-lipped in regards to his true nature however, which the bionics appear to be tied to.

Gold later commanded a team in pursuit of "traitors" Windy Wallis and Doctor Genius, cornering them in Metropolis University. Although he was not present, he had instructed Captain Blue to flush them out with nerve gas if they did not surrender. Blue reluctantly allowed Tails and Amy Rose to get them out so he didn't have to go through with it. Gold later visited Wallis and Genius in Metropolis City High Security Prison, offering them a second chance should they co-operate with "Operation Final Glory".


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