A hulking, monstruous behemoth in a pinstripe suit would be the best way to describe Mister Fry. This
Fry 91
murderous ogre is the violent alter-ego of Proctor Speckle, a talented alchemist and a crony of Lord Sidewinder. Fry is brought about when Proctor Speckle drinks a special serum of his own concoction, which causes his normally ghoulish, rail-thin body to grow to tremendous size and strength. Fry's personality doesn't seem to differ greatly from Speckle's, though he shows disdain for his alter-ego and enjoys fighting.


Mr. Fry first appeared in Sonic the Comic Issue 85 along with the rest of the Sidewinder Gang in Heroes & Villains Part Two. The deranged Cockney troll got involved in a brawl against Sonic, Super Sonic and the Chaotix Crew, but found himself swiftly defeated and he and his cohorts fled after Sidewinder's mansion was demolished in the battle. Later in Issue 88's The Ultimate Nightmare, Fry appeared alongside his fellow crooks when they invaded the Chaotix Crew's asteroid base. Their plan to steal the Omni-Viewer fell through after Bio-Hazard accidentally struck Lord Sidewinder with his toxic vomit, prompting the gang into retreat.

Fry would appear again in Issue 91's Shanghaied, when Captain Plunder's crew captured Proctor Speckle in order to press him into their service. After being tossed in the hold and devouring all of the captain's Old Carribean chocolate bars, Speckle was made to walk the plank as punishment. When Speckle hit the water, the stopper on one of his serum bottles came loose and Speckle managed to swallow some of the serum. Transforming into Mr. Fry, he broke free of the ropes that bound him and managed to beat to death one of the sharks that had surrounded him. With shark in his mouth, Fry climbed back on to Plunder's ship and proceeded to pummel the entire crew. After the brawl, Fry offered his services to Captain Plunder and cooked his beat-up shark, offering it as lunch to the crew. However, when Speckle's serum mingled with the seawater, the other sharks managed to swallow the rest of it and mutated into anthropomorphic monsters, then climbed aboard the ship. Mr. Fry attacked the creatures, tearing down the ship's main sail and battered them beneath it. Moments later, Proctor Speckle emerged while the sharks were fighting with Simpson the Cat. Speckle was thrown in the hold again but managed to escape by using a chest of Vintage Rum Truffles as a lifeboat.

In all subsequent stories featuring the Sidewinder Gang, Mr. Fry would appear but without presenting much to the story. During Doomsday, he and his comrades were easily defeated again by Sonic and the Chaotix, and he, Sidewinder and Lightmare watched from Sidewinder's hideout in the Special Zone as Bio-Hazard hunted down Super Sonic on Mobius in Hunter & the Hunted. Fry and Bio-Hazard also played tennis using Sonic as the ball in Issue 130's Showdown and Fry would later appear without the rest of the gang in The Trickster. In The Trickster, Mr. Fry appeared on Mobius in a Metropolis Zone prison, with no explanation as to why he - a criminal from the Special Zone - was even there to begin with. Fry was freed from prison by the Trickster's S.M.A.R.T. Missile and attacked Sonic, only to be swiftly defeated. He has not appeared in STC since.


As Proctor Speckle, he has no special abilities. After drinking his transformative serum, Mister Fry becomes considerably larger and stronger, capable of fighting several foes at once single-handed. Although he clearly possesses immense strength, his fights against Sonic and the Chaotix are all too brief and he is always defeated swiftly.

Sidewinder Gang
Current Members: Lord Sidewinder - Bio-Hazard - Proctor Speckle/Mr Fry - Lightmare

Former Members: Super Sonic - Nack the Weasel

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