Mr. Blobnik is perhaps the most ridiculous-looking Badnik that Grimer has ever created. It is humanoid, with a goofy clown-like face and it wears a bib with its name on it. Despite its foolish appearance, Mr. Blobnik proved to be surprisingly effective against Sonic the Hedgehog and successfully captured him. It made its one and only appearance in Issue 59's The Brotherhood of Metallix Part 1.

Abilities and Weapons

Mr. Blobnik is armed with a bubble-pipe that releases polymer bubbles that can engulf targets and then solidify, trapping them inside. It is also armed with a parasol that contains its "Secret Blobnik Weapon". This weapon was not used because Mr. Blobnik forgot to put in the batteries before attacking Sonic. Blobnik's head is capable of functioning independently from its body. The head has claw-like legs to grasp objects and mini-jets for flight.


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