Movie Madness is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story in Sonic Holiday Special 1996.



It's just another day for Sonic and the Freedom Fighters on Mobius, dealing with another Trooper patrol. A citizen approaches Sonic and asks for his autograph in this month's Mobius Moviestar's Magazine. Confused, Sonic is told that film director Stephen Squealbird is holding auditions for someone to play Sonic in a movie. Without further ado, Sonic and the others rush off to star in the film themselves. Soon, they arrive at the grubby "Squealbird Studios", where Tails is worried it could be a trap. Inside, they meet up with Squealbird who immediately accepts the Freedom Fighters for his movie. Tails still doesn't trust him, however, and decides to do some snooping. His suspicions prove to be well-founded when he notices that the film crew is really just Troopers in disguise. Before he can warn Sonic, he is captured and held at gunpoint.

In the centre of the studio, Sonic, Amy Rose and Johnny Lightfoot are ready for their close-up. Unfortunately, they discover the trap when Doctor Robotnik removes his Squealbird disguise and squirts them with Mega-Glue, a compound that hardens in seconds and only he has the antidote. Sonic wastes no time, stretching it around Robotnik until the dictator is also stuck in it. Robotnik orders a Trooper to spray him with the antidote, but this also frees the heroes, who immediately smash the Troopers. The commotion distracts the Troopers behind the scenes enough for Tails to escape and, in their panic, the Troopers destroy each other. Defeated, Robotnik flees in his Egg-o-Matic.



The previous new story in a Summer Special was Sonic vs Shortfuse. The next is Brotherhood in Sonic the Summer Special 2009.

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