Art by Casanovas.

Moto Bugs are motorised beetle-shaped Badnik robots created by Doctor Ivo Robotnik. These were among the first generation of Badniks Robotnik produced, threatening the people of Mobius since the earliest days of the doctor's reign of terror. They first appeared in Issue 1 of Sonic the Comic and over the course of the comic's run their appearance has altered slightly. In various stories, they have actually appeared as Buzz Bombers, capable of flight and carrying weaponry.

After Doctor Robotnik was deposed, he stopped building many of his older Badnik models, Moto Bugs among them. However, the Doctor Robotnik Appreciation Tribe (D.R.A.T.) had acquired the plans to build their own without the need for organic batteries like most Badniks.


Mike Hadley's version.

Several notable Moto Bugs have appeared in Sonic the Comic, particularly one being the very first Badnik to be smashed in the comic (housing a chicken). The next one to appear was the only one to survive Sonic the Hedgehog's attack on the Marble Zone and almost got Sonic crushed. One was seen leading the fight against the Hidden Zone. They were the main focus in No More Mr. Nice Bug, where Porker Lewis designed a virus that turned them into a Nicenik variety of robot. Moto Bugs were also the basis of two of The Seven Badniks, namely Metamoto and Motobotnik.



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