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Morain is an fox and resident of the Nameless Zone. She is the sister of Errol Blackthorn, and has assisted Tails' on two occasions, one of which also saw her fighting alongside Knuckles the Echidna, whom she believes to be Tails' "sidekick" on Mobius, Sonic the Hedgehog

Fighting Trogg

When Trogg kidnapped the Enchanter Kings and transformed Errol Blackthorn into an evil monster, Tails and Knuckles (believed to be Tails' "sidekick" Sonic) were summoned from Mobius to save the day. Morain followed them across the Dimension Bridge to the Land Beyond, hoping to join Tails' quest so that she could get revenge for her brother. The three were soon attacked by monsters from the Land Beyond. During the fight, Morain came to realise that "Sonic" was more powerful than Tails, and wondered why he was Tails' sidekick rather than the other way around. Knuckles, who enjoyed pretending to be his rival, informed her that Tails was tougher than he looked (and also that blue was "Sonic's" least favourite colour).

Although they won the initial battle, they were soon outnumbered and captured when Land Beyond reinforcements arrived. Morain, along with Tails and Knuckles, was brought before Trogg and witnessed the summoning of the Dark One, who trapped them all in a forcefield. They soon escaped and fled back across the Dimension Bridge, where Tails destroyed the Dark Orb (and thus the Dark One itself) by throwing it into the non-existent space under the Bridge. In retaliation, Trogg attacked them on the Bridge, only to be fought by Knuckles. Tails accidentally referred to Knuckles by name, confusing Morain who had previously thought he was called Sonic. However, Tails dodged the question and Knuckles eventually knocked Trogg over the Bridge. On returning to the Nameless Zone, Morain was reunited with her brother Errol. She continued to demand to know about why Tails had called his assistant 'Knuckles', but again received no answer when the group was attacked by Trogg, who had survived but now was magically restored to Shirob, the third Enchanter King. Tails and Knuckles were returned home, with Morain "still none the wiser about this 'Knuckles' thing!"