The extra life monitor, now inhabiting outer space. Art by Mike Hadley.

Monitors (now known as item boxes) are large TV-like boxes that were once littered across Mobius. During Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails' adventures in the video games, the heroes would often crack open a monitor and accept the power-up contained inside. Monitors were restricted to the "classic" run of games, with 3D games replacing these with clear capsules or red ballons. Even these have now been phased out of the games, with little need for power-ups.

Although no power-up-containing monitors have appeared in Sonic the Comic, they may have been present at some point in Mobius' history. Examples that fit in with the chronology of the universe may have been:

  • Power Ring monitors that award someone with ten Rings (sometimes more).
  • Shields that protect heroes for one hit and can sometimes do special techniques like attract Rings or allow the holder to breathe underwater.
  • Speed shoes that allow the breaker to move even faster than usual. Sonic does have spare pairs of Power Sneakers in the comic that act like this.

One such monitor that acted as a plot point in STC was the Extra Life item box, usually used to give Sonic an extra chance at the games. In Double Trouble, it was revealed that Doctor Kintobor had created the devices before he turned evil, with this particular monitor stated to be an extra life for the world's favourite hedgehog. Instead of smashing it open, Tails was tricked into pressing a button that released an evil double of Sonic who went on to cause mayhem. Realising his mistake, Tails later pressed the button again and absorbed the clone back into the TV before the real Sonic kicked it into space.

Later, a monitor appeared at the side of the road in the Emerald Hill Zone during The Pretender. During Sonic's race with Cosmic, a monitor was used as a finishing point, but didn't seem to have anything in it. Interestingly, both of these stories were drawn by Mike Hadley.

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