Doctor Robotnik's Mobius Ring, as operated by Choy. Art by Richard Elson.

Mobius Rings are magical devices used by the Drakon Empire to travel between different worlds and dimensions. Thousands of years ago, the Drakons used the Mobius Rings to invade Planet Mobius and establish a colony there. When they were forced to abandon the planet, the Rings were left behind.


Mobius Rings first appeared in Issue 105. Doctor Robotnik discovered a Mobius Ring after establishing his base on Flickies' Island, and with it uncovered the mystery behind the origins of the Flicky birds. Using his scientific prowess to reactivate the Ring and keep it open, Robotnik began capturing Flickies to use as batteries for his latest Badnik series. His tampering with the Ring caught the attention of the Drakon Empire, who sent a Prosecutor to determine what was happening. Robotnik was captured and brought before Emperor Ko-Dorr of the House of War, where he struck a deal with the Drakons: the Drakons would provide Robotnik aid for his campaign to re-conquer Mobius, and in exchange, the doctor would give Ko-Dorr the Chaos Emeralds. With this unholy alliance forged, the Drakons granted Robotnik full access to the Mobius Ring.

Robotnik quickly used this new technology to launch a swift attack on the Freedom Fighters. Even before the deal with Ko-Dorr, Robotnik had used the Ring to transport himself, two Badniks and a Metallix Mark 3 to the Emerald Hill Zone to capture Sonic the Hedgehog. However, despite utilising this great technology, Robotnik would not use it to further his plans. Instead, Robotnik loaned out his device to Hobson & Choy on the promise that they would destroy Sonic.


The Ring in STC-O, art by Stephen Davis.

Sonic the Comic Online would see Sonic return to Flickies' Island and activate the Mobius Ring, sending himself to Planet Drak to form an alliance with the Drakons. He later transported himself to the Death Carrier to fight off Shadow the Hedgehog and defeat The Syndicate. Blaze the Cat also helped Drak residents Dax, Etsu and Phi steal a Ring from the House of Magic. This proved vital when the foursome needed to escape, before Blaze used it to return to Mobius.

It was revealed in the Ancient Relic Zone feature that Ed Reynolds originally planned for Big the Cat and Buddy to find the island's Ring, although the Drakon would have no idea how this "modern" technology worked.


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