Mobius is a planet that is inhabited by sapient anthropomorphic animals like Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower. It was originally stated to be "117,63222 light years from Planet Earth" in a parallel dimension and different time zone in a region made up of dark matter, but has since been shown to allow for space travel. The planet has another planet, the Miracle Planet that once acted as a satellite but is now chained to Mobius' Never Mountain.


The Past

Millions of years before the present day, Mobius was a barren, mountainous planet that supported no lifeforms. One day, a pair of dinosaurs in spacesuits arrived, tasked with injecting basic organisms into the planet's ecosystem. Current day heroes Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary were given the reward of getting to see this historic occasion (although mistakenly attacked their creators beforehand). It is implied that a higher being was the employer of the dinosaurs, suggesting a deity created the planet itself.

8000 years ago, an echidna tribe were the most dominant species on Mobius. Living on what is now the Floating Island's Megopolis City, Pochacamac stole the Chaos Emeralds from the Drakon Empire, leading to a full-scale war on Mobius. The conflict was a long-drawn out one that presumably saw the end of the echidna race by the end. In order for there always to be a guardian of the Master Emerald, Pochacmac made a deal with criminal Vichama that would make Knuckles the Echidna immortal.

Six hundred years ago, Mobius' species were highly segregated. This allowed the hyenas under King Leer to ravage and conquer without any real opposition, until the hedgehog Bravehog broke with tradition and came to the aid of another race. The newly united Mobians were able to utterly defeat Leer. Sonic the Hedgehog claims Bravehog is an ancestor of his.

Peace on Mobius

In the late 20th century, Mobius was an idyllic world. While cities and industrial areas like the Metropolis Zone and Oil Ocean Zone existed and there were criminal forces like the sky pirates of Scourge Bay, most of the planet was peaceful and there was ecological harmony. In a number of zones, specifically the many hill zones, there seemed to be little or no obvious technology.

Shortly before 1991, Doctor Kintobor accidentally stumbled onto Mobius while he was doing his shopping on Earth. Making the best of a bad situation, the kindly scientist made friends with the talking animals of the region and soon started making technological improvements to the world such as installing Star Posts for easy travel and building the Retro-Orbital Chaos Compresser in order to absorb all evil into the newly-discovered Chaos Emeralds.

Kintobor made friends with a speedy Sonic the Hedgehog and the pair worked together to find the missing Grey Emerald. Before his plan could see fruition, Kintobor was involved in an "accident" that saw him transform into the evil Doctor Ivo Robotnik.

RBR and Metallix

The next few years saw the tyrant attempt to conquer the whole of Mobius by force, with two large-scale efforts foiled by old friend Sonic and his sidekick, Tails. After a few more small attempts that saw him move away to the Special Zone, Robotnik eventually achieved his dream by sending Sonic and friends into the future, leaving him free to rule the world. Another four years would be spent living under RBR (Ruled by Robotnik) and they would be miserable for just about every civilian. Based in the Metropolis Zone's Citadel Robotnik, the doctor ruled with an iron fist, forcing citizens into hard manual labour and stationing brutal Trooper Badniks across the planet. Those who resisted would be sent to a Badnik Processing Plant to lose all free will. Fortunately, Sonic and his new gang of Freedom Fighters returned to be a driving force in the rebellion against dictatorship. Despite many lows and losing a member, the team stuck together and travelled the planet, waiting for their final victory.

The battle against Robotnik saw many fronts and took part in many Zones, with Mobians rarely losing hope that Sonic would free them in the end. Nevertheless, the people of the planet were regularly subjected to threats like the Death Egg, Commander Brutus and the Brotherhood of Metallix. The latter band of villains managed to create a Pirate Omni-Viewer that allowed them to head into the past and completely rewrite the history of Mobius. Renamed Planet Metallix, Mobius became a completely murderous place to live with the only surviving living creatures forced underground to evade the metallic rulers. With the help of the Chaotix Crew and the original Omni-Viewer, Sonic managed to return history to the correct timeline, if only by causing the accident that doomed his friend.

A year later, Sonic found himself stuck in the Special Zone and the remaining Freedom Fighers struggled against the increasing odds against them. Even with Shortfuse the Cybernik temporarily joining their side, the team were pushing themselves to the limit. A routine trip to sabotage Citadel Robotnik ended up with the heroes encouraging the people of Metropolis City into a full-blown riot, although one that nearly saw them killed. Fortunately, the machinations of Sonic in the Special Zone resulted in the Black Asteroid arriving in the sky and causing an electromagnetic pulse that wiped out every computer system on the planet. Doctor Robotnik was shortly afterwards captured and a new era began on Mobius.

Post V.R. Day, Robotnik Reigns Supreme

With a new world leader an undesirable concept after Robotnik, Sonic made an off-hand remark that each Zone should have its own Zone Leader - an idea that stuck. Each Zone presumably elected its own ruler and maintained this in a democratic way in many Zones. There were those, such as the Coal Creek Zone, that continued a militaristic rule, but this was rare. However, before long, Robotnik returned on Flickies' Island to regain his rule of the planet. Despite his many attacks on his former home, Robotnik was never able to gain control even for a little bit thanks to Sonic and friends. Even with the help of the powerful Drakon Empire, Mobius continued to remain free. However, a clever plan involving Grimer saw Robotnik gain the power of the Chaos Emeralds and became a physical God.

Completely teeming with power, Robotnik recreated reality in his own image, turning each Zone into how he would like to rule it. Watching from the skies, the tyrant then made life even more miserable in this timeline, sentencing citizens to death for talking in the streets and making sure it rained if someone said the weather was nice. In this timeline of Mobius, Sonic found he had absolutely no friends and almost broke under Robotnik's relentless torture. Fortunately, Sonic continuously managed to make things go his way, tricking Robotnik into sending him to the Floating Island to get the help of Knuckles the Echidna. Combined, the heroes managed to remove the Emerald power from Robotnik and seemingly shrank him to nothing.


In actuality, Robotnik had just been sent to the sub-atomic world of Shanazar, where Sonic eventually followed. Thanks to plans set under way by the doctor on the planet, Shanazar managed to grow to occupy the same space as Mobius, with New Zones opening on Mobius. For some time, Sonic, Amy and Tekno explored these new regions but were soon distracted by Robotnik's new insane plan - to destroy the world. With the help of alien lifeforms The Plax, Robotnik constructed a device that started to kill the planet. A last-ditch attempt by all the heroes, including a visit to Earth, allowed them to save the day. Grimer then released the Chaos creature that managed to kill long-time Freedom Fighter Johnny Lightfoot and sank the Floating Island. A sacrifice by Sonic saw Chaos destroyed and the status quo return (minus Johnny).

Sonic the Comic Online

Once the Floating Island resurfaced, Mobius remained at peace until the appearance of The Syndicate, who planned to use the Chaos Siphon to destroy the world. With the plan nearly completed, Sonic visited Drak to obtain a Chaos Tap that would reverse the Siphon's effects. Later, the planet was gripped by an influx of insect criminals called The Family who caused organised crimes to become a thorn in Sonic's side. At the same time, the Kane Broadcasting Company was running a smear campaign that led most of people to believe that Sonic could be a danger. Thanks to the plans of Grimer in another dimension, this became everyone when they believed that a Neo Metallix was actually Sonic and was a terrorist.

Considering Sonic to be the enemy, the planet wasn't prepared for the return of Robotnik under the control of the Drakon Empire. The insane doctor launched an invasion on his own world, plunging Mobius into a full-blown war. Tekno and Shortfuse were dragged away from the planet, leaving Tails and Amy as the only acting Freedom Fighters. As of now the world is still at war, with Sonic knowing that the Drakon Empire could return at any time to deactivate the Chaos Tap and destroy the world.

Recently, a bizarre cat-like pyro kinetic creature, identifying herself as Blaze the Cat, has surfaced. She is allegedly from another world. Will she be a help or a hindrance in Sonic's fight for freedom?


Some 85 years in the future, the whole of Mobius was close to becoming a barren, destroyed waste thanks to the out of control Super Sonic. With very few of the Emerald Hill folk left alive, hero Silver the Hedgehog was one G.U.N. member who volunteered to return to the past and try and fix things. Blaze the Cat may also have been from this period (albeit slightly earlier), since she was witness to "The Burning" of the Iblis, or perahps there were multiple Burnings.

2997 was a grisly, bleak year in the future of Mobius shown to Sonic by one of Robotnik's machines. In here, the people of Mobius were fully tolerant, if not appreciative, of tyranny and the beatings the Badniks provided them. In this era, the Mobians seem to have mutated into a uniform appearance; rotund and sickly purple in color with furless hands.

During their travels through the Eternity Ring, Amy and Tekno arrived on Mobius 5000 years in the future. Possibly in a different timeline to the "bad future", all was well on Mobius, with the inhabitants completely relying on technology, evident with flying invisible cars and "history chips" that make you more intelligent the more you eat. When all power in the city was cut by the evil Gremlyn, Amy and Tekno resorted to traditional methods to save the day.


The regions of Mobius are divided into Zones. There is a great number of them, varying from lush, green areas, to bustling cities and uninhabitable deserts. These Zones are located on unknown continents, many of which are on islands (such as South Island and Flickies Island.

For a full list of Zones, see Zone.

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