Art by Richard Elson

Moai are the statues on Easter Island. Left unnamed in Sonic the Comic, they were altered to include arms and other original features.


It was revealed that the Moai were built by The Plax during a visit to Planet Earth. When the aliens set up a machine to transfer Earth's life force to Mobius, the statues were set up to protect the device and fend off any intruders. Made from millions of tiny microbots, the Moai sprang to life when the Freedom Fighters arrived through the Ring of Eternity to destroy the life-sapping machine. Although they easily fell apart from a Spin Attack, they could quickly rebuild themselves and were fast enough to catch Sonic the Hedgehog. Some even had laser eyes strong enough to bring down Shortfuse the Cybernik. The creatures surrounded Sonic and Shortfuse, but eventually fell apart when Amy Rose destroyed their controlling machine with her crossbow. With nothing to bind them, the microbots shut down and the Moai crumbled apart.


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