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The Miracle Planet, before being fitted with the chain. Art by Mike Hadley and John M Burns.

The Miracle Planet (known as the Little Planet in Sonic CD) is a tiny world that shifts between two dimensions. Its original dimension is unknown, but for a few days every month it appears in low orbit above Mobius, specifically the Never Lake area. The surface of the Miracle Planet is naturally green, covered primarily in grasslands and lakes (the planet is too small to support an ocean). No sentient lifeforms or even wildlife seems to be present, though the planet is clearly capable of supporting it in some form. It is said that the Miracle Planet is ignored by the passage of time, due to the presence of magical stones known as the Time Stones.


The Sonic Terminator

The Miracle Planet was the primary setting of Sonic the Comic's Sonic CD arc, The Sonic Terminator. One day during one of the planet's regular appearances, Doctor Robotnik turned the planet into a base of operations. He achieved this by using a Time Stone to power some kind of terraforming device that covered the entire planet with machinery, and led to the creation of the original Metallix robot. The Miracle Planet was connected to Mobius via a chain attached to Never Mountain, which Robotnik had also left his mark on by carving his face into it. Although he had mechanized the entire planet, Robotnik never directly occupied it and made no appearance when Sonic the Hedgehog arrived to rescue Amy Rose from Metallix. It is also worth noting that the chain linking the Miracle Planet to Mobius did not stop the planet from vanishing back to its own dimension, as a portion of the chain would vanish with it. (Surprisingly, gravity did not seem to pull the remaining chain back down to Mobius's surface.)

During the Sonic Terminator arc, Sonic pursued Metallix and Amy Rose to the mechanized Miracle Planet. However, Metallix was fuelled by the planet's own energy, essentially making it invincible. However, Sonic was aided in his struggle by a miniature future version of himself. He introduced his past self to a shrinking ray that had been created during the planet's mechaforming (the intended purpose for this ray is unknown) and shoved him(self) into the beam. Sonic's future self then offered him a Time Stone with which he could travel to the past and undo all the damage Robotnik had done. As Metallix recovered, Sonic took the Time Stone and ran. The stone reacted on its own and took Sonic to the point when Robotnik's machinery first began to spread over the planet; the stone then vanished. Sonic had been shrunk down so that he could get inside the machine and stop it from within. When he got inside, he discovered that the Time Stone he had just been holding was actually powering the machine. He removed the stone and escaped before the machine overloaded and blew up. The Time Stone then took Sonic back to the future where he witnessed himself and Amy under attack from Metallix. This is where events came full circle and Sonic passed the Time Stone on to his past self, who then went back and stopped Robotnik's machine. With the machine destroyed before it could finish its job, the Miracle Planet was returned to normal and Metallix ceased to exist. Unfortunately for Sonic and Amy, the Miracle Planet had already left Mobius's orbit and they were stranded there for a month.

Refuge of Freedom

In the middle of the Metallix arc, the planet was shown in its natural, leafy state. Fed up of the failure of his Badniks, Robotnik sent the Badnik Army Repair Functionaries to the Palmtree Panic Zone on the Miracle Planet, tasked with bringing its advanced forces to the Green Hill Zone. In this time, it was shown that the planet contained civilians, one of them informing the Freedom Fighters that the Zone was now deserted. The heroes decided to visit the planet while it was still there, relaxing on Palmtree Panic's beach. Their appearance forced Cam and Bert to change their plans, leading to them creating The Seven Badniks. These new Badniks "persuaded" the Palmtree Panic Badniks to return home, only for them to be trashed by Sonic.

Rise of the Metallix

The altered planet, albeit red. Art by Steve White.

When the Brotherhood of Metallix initiated their plan to dominate Mobius, they used their Pirate Omni-Viewer to travel to the Miracle Planet. There they planted the Alpha Device, which would mechanize the planet (again) and remake it in their image. Their plan was interrupted by the Freedom Fighters, who were able to jury-rig a Metallix drone into a walking bomb and send it to destroy the others. This plan almost worked, but as the heroes were about to leave, they noticed that the Alpha Device remained functional. Porker Lewis turned back to try and shut it down, and the Miracle Planet shifted back to its own dimension before the others could stop him. However, Porker failed as he was captured by the Emperor Metallix, who had barely managed to survive the explosion. As a captive, Porker was forced to watch the Alpha Device convert the Miracle Planet into a mechanical monstrosity, fashioned in the image of a Metallix head. With the planet mechanized, the damaged Emperor was restored and its army rebuilt, ready to take action against Mobius. The Brotherhood were able to disguise the Miracle Planet to make it appear as it should, preventing anyone on Mobius from rousing suspicion and inviting interference from Sonic or Dr. Robotnik. However, due to the timely arrival of the Chaotix Crew, the planet was exposed when it reappeared above Never Lake. The Miracle Planet was later left vacant again after the Brotherhood were defeated, only visited again when the Freedom Fighters returned to dismantle the Alpha Device. The device was reversed and the Miracle Planet was restored to normal once again.

Sonic the Comic Online

The Miracle Planet has recently appeared again in Sonic the Comic Online. With Mobius locked in a state of war against the New Robotnik Empire, many civilians are being evacuated to the Miracle Planet by G.U.N. to escape from Robotnik's Badnik armies. Evacuation plans were interrupted by a new type of Badnik infiltrator - the Tails Doll - which appeared to be nothing more than a harmless toy. Although a pack of Tails Dolls were destroyed on the Miracle Planet, many more remain on Mobius awaiting activation.


  • In at least one story, the time the Miracle Planet appeared above Mobius was stated to be "one month every year". It was Cam who erroneously stated that it only appears "in the last month of the year". This was also odd as the issue was published in September. Either way, it is now always stated that the planet appears for only a few days every month.
  • It is always suggested that nobody lives on the planet, being absent of life in almost all of its stories. However, a rabbit is seen in the Palmtree Panic Zone during B.A.R.F.'s plan. In STC-O, a whole community is shown to exist on the planet.
  • Palmtree Panic is the only Zone on the Miracle Planet to have definitely appeared in Sonic the Comic. If the planet is the same as in the games, the world also features Collision Chaos, Tidal Tempest, Quartz Quadrant, Wacky Workbench, Stardust Speedway and Metallic Madness Zones.
  • The second part of Visa Vixen sees the planet chained to the Metropolis Zone. The editorial staff noticed the error but didn't wish to make Philip Chapman redraw such a "beautiful" panel. However, it has been since considered that Never Lake has always been near the city and rapid expansion has seen the Zone encompass the lake and Never Mountain.