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Miles "Tails" Prower, art by Richard Elson

Miles Prower (or Tails to his friends) is a two-tailed fox from the Nameless Zone, a Zone hidden to the rest of Mobius. An almost ever-present character and a firm fan-favourite, Tails has appeared in almost all of the issues of Sonic the Comic ever since his debut in Issue 2.

Early Life

Tails grew up in the Nameless Zone, a place unknown to all but foxes and goblins. Little is known about his childhood or his immediate family, but it is believed to have been quite uneventful - until the day he learned how to fly. Frequently bullied by Witless Chris for having one more tail than everybody else, he found himself having to save his tormentor when Chris was kidnapped by goblin bats. Unfortunately, Tails failed to see an oncoming drop and plummeted towards his death. Somehow, his two tails began to spin in the freefall and he began to fly, giving him the opportunity to avoid an early grave and to save Chris.

Art by Roberto Corona

With his newfound abilities, Tails decided to leave home to visit a place he'd heard was "paved with Emeralds". Disaster struck again on a visit to the Swampland Zone, when Tails got himself stuck in the mud. Moments left to live, Tails was only saved when Sonic the Hedgehog accidentally arrived in the Zone (after turning into Super Sonic for the first time) and pulled him (what he thought was just one of two foxes) out of the swamp. Tails has stuck by Sonic's side ever since.

Tails then accompanied Sonic on his next adventure, as Robotnik made his second attempt to take over Mobius (as played in Sonic the Hedgehog 2). After this, Sonic and Tails continued to foil Robotnik's plots, although Tails often found himself getting captured by Robotnik's Badniks.

Freedom Fighter

Art by Casanovas

Eventually, Sonic decided to take Tails (and friends Johnny Lightfoot and Porker Lewis) to the Special Zone to learn about Sonic's origins. Shortly after learning of Sonic's past, Tails found himself sucked into the Omni-Viewer as part of Robotnik's plan to get Sonic out of the way. The heroes emerged six months into the future, where Robotnik had taken over the world. From this point on, Tails joined Sonic in an organisation known as the Freedom Fighters, vowing to rid their world of Robotnik's influence once and for all. This position as Sonic's right-hand fox would continue until Robotnik was deposed.

Adventures in the Nameless Zone

Early on into his stint as a hero, Tails would write letters home to his family, stretching the truth to say that he was the one who defeated Robotnik on numerous occasions, aided by his sidekick Sonic. Such heroics didn't go unnoticed by the Zone's Enchanter Kings and Tails was soon summoned to save his homeland. Evil goblin Trogg planned to lead an invasion force from The Land Beyond into the fox homeworld, but an ancient magic prevented him from doing so until he had fought the Nameless Zone champion. Tails reluctantly took on this role, defeating Trogg and saving the day.

His next mission was just two weeks later, to rescue the third Enchanter King from the Land Beyond. He was not alone this time, accompanied by true hero Errol Blackthorn. After fighting a goblin hoarde, Tails admitted that he was not quite as brave as his letters stated, but won Errol's admiration after saving the warrior from plummeting to his death. The quest to save Shirob failed (due to Shirob being Trogg) but Tails status as a champion was still assured.

In the Nameless Zone, art by Dave Windett

The next time Tails was summoned was for another rescue attempt, this time cubs Jimmy and Jilly who had been captured by goblin Prince Catalus. After venturing through the centaur town of Portstable and defeating the troublesome Gryphon, Tails was taken to the castle of Queen Vulpecula who proceeded in playing a deadly game of "hide and seek" with Tails and the cubs. After fooling the bloodthirsty queen and the traitorous Catalus, Tails escaped on a boat with the captives.

Tails was accidentally joined in the Nameless Zone the next time by an over-zealous Knuckles the Echidna, who believed that Tails was being captured. The two Mobians, joined by Morain, ventured back into the Land Beyond to save the two other captured Enchanter Kings and find a way to revert Errol from the monster he had (literally) become. The three of them became embroiled in Trogg's plot to turn the Kings into beasts like him with the help of The Dark One. With Knuckles' strength and Morain's bravery, Tails foiled the plot and his arch-enemy was turned back into the third King.

The fox's final visit to the Nameless Zone was much later, with the summoner being Morain. The goblins had built a castle in the middle of the Nameless Zone and forced the Enchanter Kings to sign a pact of fealty. Morain was not happy about this and fought her way into the castle, with a much stronger Tails helping out. However, it was Tails' wise words that convinced Morain (and a rebellious Errol) to escape the castle unscathed.


Tails the Zonerunner, art by Bob Corona

On a mission to the Chemical Plant Zone, Tails once found himself separated from Sonic, landing in the control room of one Nutzan Bolt. Tails overheard Bolt's plan to flood the neighbouring Zones with deadly Mega Mack, something Nutzan didn't take too kindly to. Close to being murdered, Tails was rescued by Sab of The Flock and kitted Tails out with the equipment needed to be a Zonerunner. Tails followed the resistance outfit on their mission to defeat Nutzan, which eventually led to Tails battling Nutzan personally. Thanks to sheer luck and an awkward microputer, Tails defeated Nutzan and helped to seal the Mega Mack leak.

Tails was later recalled to the Chemical Plant Zone, which had become a totally inhospitable place to live in his absence. Due to Nutzan's last defeat, the crazy robot had taken his anger out on the Zone's citizens, forcing them to live in fear underground. Tails' reappearance was not taken kindly to by the oppressed and Tails was only saved by a reformed Sol Furic, who led him to safety. The Zonerunner was then central to a plot by Sab and Sol to defeat Nutzan in his new Ice Palace. Tails was captured by Nutzan, but uttered "Sonic's" name, enraging Nutzan into melting his own castle and drowning himself.

Tails the Lone Ranger

Mugshot by Mick Mcmahon

As the Freedom Fighters continued their mission to defeat Badniks and oust Robotnik, Tails often found himself alone to fend off other minor threats to his world. When not defeating Badniks himself, Tails often had to contend with other villains who wanted a piece of him. His first mission was to save an angry Tantrum and himself from the clutches of bounty hunter Fleabyte. He then defended the Casino Night Zone from the Trooper Badniks of Commander Brutus before heading off to save his friends. His adventures would see him visit many other small Zones to save the villagers from Badnik attacks and criminals.

After the final defeat of Robotnik, Tails' workload did not lighten. The hole left by Robotnik's leadership was desired by many mad scientists and power-hungry crooks, leaving Tails to fend off many crazy attacks. Whether they be devised by D.R.A.T., lunatics like Doctor Genius or people just wishing to get famous such as Gerry Corfu and Clark Bent, Tails would get them locked up in no time at all. Indeed, the sheer amount of threats Tails dealt with left the fox with a much higher sense of confidence after this transitional period of time.

Sonic & Tails

Art by Elson and Nigel Dobbyn

Despite Tails finding many solo quests to be on, Sonic and Tails' relationship continued to strengthen. With Amy Rose teaming up with Tekno the Canary more often (even leaving the planet on numerous occasions) and Johnny Lightfoot going on absences to visit his family, Tails would accompany Sonic on dangerous missions, often providing more help than he did in their early days. In fact, Tails bravery saved Sonic from certain death whilst the hedgehog fought a Metallix Mark 3 on Planet Drak. He then helped Sonic fight off a Drakon invasion of the Floating Island, although he found himself to be too weak to stop Grimer getting his hands on the Master Emerald.

Unfortunately, Tails' time with Sonic grew short as the hedgehog found himself following Grimer and Nack the Weasel to Shanazar, leaving Tails to return to the small-time criminals. Despite this, Tails would become key in saving the people of Mobius during the atmospheric collapse and assisted the rest of the Freedom Fighters when fighting the menace of Chaos. Tails' confidence also saw no bounds as he personally attacked Super Sonic, almost leading to his own demise.

Sonic the Comic Online

Art by Thalia Evans

Tails' increased confidence and bravery was followed in the online continuation of STC. He immediately leapt into chasing thief Nack, getting shot and blown up in a short space of time. Nevertheless, Tails defeated the criminal and received praise from the media.

The fox particularly got involved in ousting the criminal organisation The Family, getting personally stuck in with Herne, Don Long-Legs, Bleed, Zip the Flea, The Dice and Oscura - the most out of all the heroes. Tails was even hospitalised after fighting Bleed, but persisted and came up with a plan to beat him, gaining much applaud from Sonic and the Chaotix Crew.

After assisting Sonic during the fight against The Syndicate, unhappy times were to follow. Tails was one of the Freedom Fighters subjected to an attack by a Sonic imposter, but his faith in his hero didn't falter. However, after helping Knuckles and Amy to break Sonic out of prison, Tails was attacked by "Sonic" once more and he was left to believe that Sonic had indeed gone bad. In his mentor's absence, Tails became the true "hero of Mobius" when news got out of Tails' deeds in The Battle For Mobius. Although keen to rejoin with Sonic once he learned of Sonic's innocence, Tails accepted his position to be a hero for the people and continued alone. Nevertheless, he occasionally still works with Sonic in secret, helping him bring down the Wing Fortress.

Tails is currently the "mascot" of The Ultimax, although his experience gives him more leadership qualities than Dexter Bagstille. Together, the team have helped the people of the Maple Flower Zone escape Robotnik's oppression.

Nameless Zone

Art by Adamis

Tails continued to have adventures in the Nameless Zone, joined by Morain and resistance members Pippa and Trent. Tails was drafted in to help in a plot to destroy a goblin rail bridge from the Land Beyond to the heart of the Nameless Zone. Morain's plan was to destroy the train with a pack of dynamite but Tails refused, throwing the explosives from the vehicle.

His next return was due to Pippa, since Morain still despised Tails for his "cowardly" actions. Furious that Morain was insulting Tails for his lack of interest in their "war", Tails took all three of them to Mobius to see what a "real war" looked like. The foxes immersed themselves in the war, discovering what a true hero Tails was. At the end of the stay, Tails' friends vowed to return. Unfortunately, it seemed that, through the Kintobor Computer, there was a possibility that Robotnik may have learned of Tails' home...


Sonic the Hedgehog

Art by Ed Hillyer

Tails has been friends with Sonic ever since the hedgehog saved him from drowning in the Swampland Zone. Although a young, cowardly fox at the time, spending time with Sonic on his many adventures gave Tails crucial battle experience and the courage to fight off similar threats his own way. Although Sonic didn't seem to appreciate this shadow on his missions, calling Tails pixel-brain (among other names), he often needed the fox's flying gift or at least a second pair of hands when fighting Badniks.

Over the many years they fought together, Tails was Sonic's most frequent companion, particularly when Tails piloted his bi-plane to the Floating Island or Flickies' Island. After The Battle For Mobius, Tails was the only person Sonic confided in, passing on the baton to the fox to become the one in charge.

Doctor Robotnik

In the early days, Doctor Robotnik seemed to hate Tails almost as much as he did Sonic. Early issues of STC saw the tyrant repeatedly try to encase Tails in his own Badnik suit, something he achieved early on. Tails served Robotnik on this occasion but fought the programming and used the robotic shell to defeat his "master". Nevertheless, Robotnik continued to plot to capture Tails again, keeping the Badnik shell on standby should he ever need it. Indeed, Tails was central to a plot utilised through Arachbot which would have made Tails a Badnik again.

Ever since, Tails has been lower on Robotnik's priorities during his running of Mobius. The hero is often seen as a way of getting through to Sonic the Hedgehog or even just another one of the Emerald Hill folk. Robotnik's attacks began to centre more on Sonic or Amy & Tekno while Tails fought the world's other criminals.

Freedom Fighters

The Freedom Fighters, art by Elson

Tails is well-respected by the rest of the Freedom Fighters and have never belittled the fox the way Sonic does. Before forming the organisation, Tails looked after Johnny Lightfoot and Porker Lewis, guiding them when they visited the Special Zone.

Amy Rose later gave Tails lessons on how to use a crossbow in case Amy wasn't always around. It could be presumed that Porker may have given Tails a few scientific/mechanic lessons, since Tails could be seen repairing his plane after Porker's retirement. Tails also got on well with Johnny, teaming up with "him" (actually Shayde) on a mission to fend off Windy Wallis.

Tails seems to have now become the hero of Mobius in Sonic's absence, but Amy still appears to be the leader of the Freedom Fighters (or what's left of them).

Nameless Zone

The majority of the Nameless Zone have always believed Tails to be a brave hero and haven't listened to his protests. In fact, they seem to prefer his actions to his words, mistaking Sonic to be called "Conic", despite Tails having just said his name.

After being defeated on the Dimension Bridge, Tails became Trogg's arch-enemy and the goblin vowed terrible revenge on the fox. He lured Tails and Errol Blackthorn to the Land Beyond to kill him, but failed. He then captured Errol and the Enchanted Kings, turned them into monsters and summoned The Dark One, all in an attempt to enact revenge on Tails. Eventually, Tails had the last laugh by defeating The Dark One and turning Trogg back into Shirob.

Morain originally thought little of Tails' fighting skills and thought him to be a coward. Her resolve lightened somewhat years later after witnessing his strength in Roubal's castle. However, any respect for him died when Tails defied Morain's orders and failed to blow up a goblin train. Again, she eased up on him when Tails took her to Mobius and learned of his great efforts. Pippa and Trent have always admired Tails for his efforts in their Zone and treat him respect.

Holly Thumpfoot


Holly was rather happy to see Tails, and it seems she has a crush on him and Tails very well may return the feelings as he's seen blushing when she puts her arm around him.


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Tails originally appeared only in Sonic the Hedgehog stories, acting as a sidekick or hostage in tales by Mark Millar. After many requests from readers, he became a hero in Zonerunner and Nameless Zone stories by Mark Eyles. After becoming a Freedom Fighter in Nigel Kitching stories, he was the subject of dozens of Lew Stringer complete stories.

In Sonic the Comic Online, his early appearances were mainly handled by Ed Reynolds, with Jamie J writing stories with him and The Family.


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Video Games

Being the first character to be introduced to video games after Sonic and Robotnik, Tails has been in many video games and subsequent adaptations.

Games that have somehow been adapted in STC and involve Tails include:

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