The Monsters begin a team talk. Art by Anthony Williams and Brian Williamson.

The Midway Monsters are a Mutant League football team. Managed by Coach Brikka, they are one of the most successful MFL sides and are deemed "unbeatable" by league chairman Zalgor Prigg. The Monsters last won in the Super Bowel XXIV play-off against the Slaycity Slayers.


The Monsters were well-known as being one of the most dominant forces in the Mutant Football League. As well as wanting world domination, Prigg felt the need to end their domination. His plan involved kidnapping the tactical head of Brikka and using his knowledge to power his Stunticombinaconaformabots. During the Super Bowel match against the Monsters, Slaycity Slayers player K.T. Slayer teamed up with the Dukes of Biohazard and stole the head of Coach Brikka. The Midway Monsters continued the match in pursuit of the Super Bowel title, but captain Bones Jackson led several teammates and The Razor Kid into a cross-country chase for their coach's head.

Following the demise of Prigg's plans, Slayer proposed a one-off play-off for the Super Bowel, Coach Brikka's head and Brenda Brikka's hand in marriage. Slayer teamed up with Doctor Wizz and used the combining robots, but ultimately failed to win the match. Although several Monsters were possibly killed by the robot's guns, the Monsters won and seemed to have made a new signing in the Razor Kid.

Staff and Players


  • The Midway Monsters are from the Mutant League Football video game and are a parody of the Chicago Bears, a.k.a. the "monsters of the Midway".


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