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Art by Roberto Corona

Microputers are small, handheld computer systems that enable Zonerunners to carry out several tasks. They are primarily used by The Flock to grant easy access throughout the Chemical Plant Zone. One was given to Miles "Tails" Prower after he linked up with the sheep. His microputer comes with a screen displaying a smiley face.


Tails was granted a microputer at his first meeting with Sab, who showed the fox how to use it. Her first command was for it to open a security door, directly telling the device what to do after plugging it into a security panel. The microputer obeyed, opening the door to reveal the Spiny Badnik. Tails soon got the hang of it and ordered the microputer to close the door on Nutzan Bolt. However, in his panic, he accidentally asked it to close it three times. Fortunately, this caused the door to open and close three times on top of the robot, completely wrecking it. Following the success of the mission, Tails handed his microputer back to Sab for safekeeping.

A few months later, Sab sent a Floater Drone to find Tails and present him with his Zonerunner gear, including the microputer. On his return to the Chemical Plant Zone, Tails had little use for the device, but handily had it ready to give to Sab when she needed to stablise Nutzan's Ice Castle. From Nutzan's chair computer panel, Sab was able to order the microputer to instantly freeze the melting chemicals and stablised the Zone's faltering weather system. Tails presumably left his microputer with Sab once again and has not used it since.

Following the New Robotnik Empire's occupation of the Dolphin Resort Zone, the Aquatic Capital Zone have been accused of supplying microputers to EK-0, a pirate radio station possibly fronting as a resistance group in the area.