Microdroid is a fictional robot that "works" for Sonic the Comic.


In 1996, Microdroid got in contact with the Public Relations Agency of Mobius and was granted an exclusive interview with Sonic the Hedgehog. As the meeting began, Microdroid initially got off to a bad start with the hero but professionally reeled off quotes about Sonic and his acquaintances. Later, Microdroid was puzzled when Sonic displayed a rare moment of negativity but was more shocked when the real Sonic burst through the wall and destroyed the robot impostor. Microdroid was granted an interview with the true hedgehog but found he could not record all of Sonic's superfast words. The stress of trying to keep up eventually overloaded his circuits and he was forced into an emergency shutdown.

It was later revealed that Microdroid was being upgraded and was recuperating but would never be trusted with such a high-profile project again.


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