Microbots are a form of nanotechnology created by the Plax. During their alliance with Dr. Robotnik, the Plax used microbots to create several monstrous creatures to defend the anti-life devices they had planted on Mobius and Earth. One such creature - in the form of a demonic snowman - attacked the Emerald Hill Zone to keep the Freedom Fighters at bay. This monster was destroyed when Sonic created a speed-cocoon around it, which attracted a lightning storm that fried the microbots. The FF would encounter these microbots again on Easter Island when they turned the island's ancient stone heads into golems. The golems used their brute strength and eye lasers to try and destroy the heroes, and could rebuild themselves if they were smashed. The microbots were sustained by the Plax's anti-life device that was hidden in an underground cavern, which was exposed during the fight. When Amy Rose destroyed the device with a shot from her crossbow, the microbots died and the golems crumbled to dust.

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