Art by Richard Elson

Micro-cameras are tiny video cameras from Shanazar. Invisible to the naked idea, they are able to follow a subject and record their activities without them knowing. The cameras originated from an advanced Zone away from the deserts where the footage is also broadcast.


After following Doctor Ivo Robotnik, Grimer and Nack the Weasel to Shanazar, Sonic the Hedgehog was, at some point, attacked by a wizard that made him forget why he was there. For the next few weeks, Sonic spent his time travelling across Shanazar and helping towns in need. He was eventually joined by Amy Rose, who assisted him in his exploits. All of their adventures were captured on the micro-cameras and broadcast in the advanced city they were created in.

Sonic and Amy eventually stumbled on the Zone, hoping to get some peace and quiet. They were sadly mistaken, however, as the whole city were fans of their adventures and had watched every one. Sure enough, one such screen showed Sonic attacking the "Black Knight" protecting the Kritturs. Sonic accepted the technology, remarking it was "more exciting than watching soaps". Thanks to their televised adventures, Sonic and Amy were chosen to represent Skorrg in the Space Race.


  • The video of Sonic attacking the Kritturs is recycled from the "Knightmares" strip.


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