Mick/Mike McMahon was one of the longest serving artists for Sonic the Comic, and is also one of the last "regular" contributors to begin working for STC, his first story being in Issue 97

McMahon was commissioned by Deborah Tate, STC's longest serving editor, on the suggestion of Nigel Kitching,  who was a fan of McMahon's work. He primarily took on Sonic the Hedgehog strips written by Lew Stringer which were all complete stories. He also drew several of the later Decap Attack strips, replacing Kitching as artist, although Kitching remained as Decap writer.

Unfortunately, McMahon's work is seen as a major divider of fan opinion, with people often disliking his unique handling of Sonic characters. His Decap work has been seen more favourably by the readers. Countless other creators are big fans of McMahon's Sonic work.

Outside of STC, McMahon is a UK comics legend for his work on 2000 AD's Judge Dredd, Ro-Busters, ABC Warriors, and Slaine strips. He is mostly retired but still does commissions (including the occasional Sonic).


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