Michael "Mike" Corker was a core member of the Sonic the Comic Online team, working as a writer, artist, letterer, reviewer, editor and designer. He was the one responsible for updating the website every issue from launch at Issue 224 until Issue 275.


Corker became a co-editor with Ed Reynolds in Issue 225, a role he retained solely, or in part until Issue 275. In addition, Corker had also been the designer since Issue 224 until Issue 275 .


Issues Story Role
Issue 224 Amy vs Tekno Writer
Issue 225 The Lost World Artist
Issue 226 and Issue 227 Impressions Writer/Artist
Issue 227 Cover Artist
Issue 228 Reunion Artist
Issue 229 Trouble in Paradise Artist
Issue 230 The End of the World! Writer
Issue 230 and Issue 231 Horror on the Haunted Hill Artist
Issue 231 Megadroid movie Writer/Artist
Issue 232 Return of the Cybernik! Writer
Issue 232 Tekno the Canary pin-up Artist
Issue 233 Horror on the Haunted Hill pin-up Artist
Issue 234 Cover Artist
Issue 236 Unusual Suspect Writer
Issue 236 Megadroid pin-up Artist
Issue 237 The Least Likely Writer
Issue 237 Megadroid pin-up Artist
Issue 238 The Big Bang Writer
Issue 239 The Inside Story Letterer
Issue 239 Max Gamble pin-up Artist
Issue 240 Green Hill Zone pin-up Artist
Issue 241 Cover Artist
Issue 242 Cover Artist
Issue 242 Cards pin-up set Artist
Issue 243 Cover Artist
Issue 243 and Issue 244 Kill Big Artist/Letterer
Issue 244 Tekno & Shorty pin-up Artist
Issue 245 Sunrise Writer
Issue 245 Megadroid pin-up Artist
Issue 246 Whodunit? Artist/Letterer
Issue 246 High Noon Writer
Issue 247 Cover Artist
Issue 247 Jail Break Letterer
Issue 247 to Issue 249 Revolutionary Writer/Artist/Letterer
Issue 247 Nack the Weasel pin-up Artist
Issue 248 Sunset Writer/Artist/Letterer
Issue 249 Twilight Writer/Artist/Letterer
Issue 249 Knuckles and Doctor Zachary pin-up Artist
Issue 250 The Battle For Mobius Artist
Issue 252 to Issue 253 Ebony & Ivory Writer/Letterer
Issue 253 The Long Road Writer
Issue 254 Come Crashing Down! Writer
Issue 255 Enter: Blaze Writer/Letterer
Issue 256 Master of All I Survey Artist/Letterer
Issue 257 Good Luck Chuck Shading
Issue 258 The Chaos of Things Writer
Issue 259 Sonic Adventure 2 Review Zone Reviewer
Issue 261 In Memory Artist
Sonic the Poster Mag 2004 Doctor Robotnik pin-up Artist
Sonic the Poster Mag 2004 Freedom Fighters pin-up Artist
Sonic the Poster Mag 2006 Megadroid pin-up Artist
Sonic the Poster Mag 2007 The Night Before Christmas Letterer
15th Anniversary Special The Elephant in the Room Colourist/Letter
15th Anniversary Special Cover Artist
15th Anniversary Special Megadroid pin-ups Artist
Sonic the Summer Special 2009 Megadroid pin-up Artist
Back to School Special Megadroid pin-up Artist
The Complete Vichama Vichama Is Coming Home: Part 3 Colourist
Issue 251 Reprint Special All stories Letterer
Sonic the Easter Special Cover Artist
Anniversary Zone Panel 3 Artist
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