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The bank's last obvious appearance, drawn by Chris G.

Metropolis Zone Central Bank is the largest bank in the Metropolis Zone and has been the centre of trouble on several occasions. Under its original name of the Metropolis Zone Bank, the building was broken into by Nack the Weasel on two occasions, despite Sonic the Hedgehog guarding the vault the second time.

It then changed its name to its current one and was the subject of attack by The League of Super-Evil Villains. Fortunately, the vault proved to be too secure for the incompetent villains and they were defeated and arrested. A successful heist was carried out by a "brainwashed" Shortfuse the Cybernik. It later turned out to be an imposter wearing a particularly basic suit of armour, while the real Shortfuse was busy kidnapping innocent civilians.

The bank made a cameo a couple of years later, now again labelled Metropolis Bank.