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The Metropolis Zone is one of the largest cities on Mobius, and as a result it was the capital for the Robotnik Empire in the last years of RBR. When he finally moved his base of operations to the Mobian mainland, it was Metropolis that gained the menacing Citadel Robotnik. After Robotnik fell, the Zone remained a major population centre and a key target for villains. As a result, Sonic the Hedgehog and other heroes have been forever defending it.

Law and order is overseen by the dubiously competent Police Chief Bodger.


Being the capital city of Mobius, many of the stories were featured there. It therefore makes sense that many key leisure spots and military targets were seen in Sonic the Comic. Citadel Robotnik was the most prominent feature during the days of RBR, towering over the skyline as a grim reminder of the state of affairs. Prisons also littered the streets, particularly in the slums, holding prisoners before they were taken to a Badnik Processing Plant. These were later replaced by one big Metropolis City High Security Prison, with Grimer being a notable prisoner (despite quickly taking over the facility completely. All finance in the city seems to go through the Metropolis Zone Central Bank, despite it being destroyed at one point.

Due to its size, the city is split into districts. The Neighbourhood is the location of The Groovy Train, home and business of Ebony. Hell's Pantry is noted to be a rough area and was where Sonic fought Oscura of The Family. The Kane Broadcasting Company's headquarters are there, with Percival James Kane's helicopter often hovering above it. Resident Smokey often visits the dilapidated Metropolis East Leisure Centre to visit his Badnik friend. A fenced area of serenity is Metropolis Park, even if it was once attacked by the Special Badnik Service.

At one point, the Freedom Fighters inhabited the outskirts of the Zone, wanting to get as close as they could to the heart of the empire without being caught. During this time, it was the home of Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus until it was destroyed by Super Sonic. Now that The Battle For Mobius is over and the war is in full swing, it is the home of the Freedom Fighers once more, inhabiting a base underneath Buddy's Bistro.

Known residents

Despite the Zone being the largest on Mobius, there aren't a great deal of named people known to be living there. Many that are seen are one-shot criminals who are shipped off to the prisons, effectively removing them as citizens of the Zone. Even Ebony, long-time resident, no longer lives there; she went on the run from The Order of Magick until she was caught and taken to their world. Pyjamas may still run The Groovy Train on her own. Smokey presumably still lives there (albeit without his Badnik), as does Tantrum the Mouse.


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