Art by Nigel Dobbyn

Mesmer is a goat who once worked for Doctor Robotnik. Mesmer is a talented hypnotist and, with his special staff, was able to hypnotise an entire village into believing in the "Moon Goddess".

Under orders from Robotnik, Mesmer started his plan by hypnotising the regulars at The Green Man pub. One night, the village was visited by Knuckles the Echidna, on his way back to the Floating Island. Using his powers, Mesmer convinced the others that Knuckles was "the one" and told them to don their cult costumes. Grabbing a young sheep, the mob headed out to sacrifice her for the Moon Goddess, grabbing the attention of a sleeping Knuckles. The echidna burst out of his room and freed the lamb, so Mesmer ordered his mob to stop them. They eventually found him inside a barn thanks to the sheep's betrayal.

Later, Knuckles became the sacrifice, but a trapped Knuckles became suspicious of the way Mesmer talked to the people. After escaping from the cage, Knuckles bypassed the people attacking him and headed straight for Mesmer, stealing his staff. Despite lacking any hypnotic capabilities, Knuckles was able to use the staff to wake everybody up. Robotnik emerged from his disguise to reveal his plan, hoping to use Mesmer's powers to hypnotise the entire planet.


  • Mesmer's name derives from "mesmerism", the act of gaining control of someone else's personality or actions.


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