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Megadroid in his first solo story

Megadroid is the fictional editor of Sonic the Comic, overseeing the "humes who think they're in charge", ensuring the comic comes out, and hosting Speedlines. He has had four bodies, each based on video game consoles (Mega Drive, Saturn, Gamecube, and a second Mega Drive design, respectively). The first, a stocky yellow form (designed by early STC contributer, Woodrow Phoenix), lasted until the comic had a change of design in Issue 58, and Megadroid changed forms to fit with it. His new form as a sleeker, hovering form with no legs. His third form was of similar design, and he started using it at the start of Sonic the Comic Online.

Megadroid's "designation" is as a "multimedia, multi-purpose, editorial server-droid with enhanced graphics and sound capabilities. His operating system is a classified prototype and his memory/storage is also classified but is said to run into "gigabytes". His favourite comic is STC, favourite Sega game back in 1993 was Flashback for the Mega Drive and his favourite food is micro-chips and oil, although as a recycling unit, he is also partial to aluminium, plastic and glass.


Megadroid is apparently "from another planet", coming to Earth to work on the comic. After the appearance of Sonic the Hedgehog on the cover of Issue 1, Megadroid was the second character to ever appear inside an issue of Sonic the Comic, a small image of him appearing in the top-right of the Control Zone. Megadroid then made a regular appearance in the Control Zone, writing the Welcome message to Boomers. The robot also presided over Speedlines, answering the letters from readers.

The editor made his final appearance in Issue 140, where he announced that this would be the last Control Zone in the comic. Speedlines, also run by Megadroid, had made its final appearance in Issue 139. This feature, however, returned in Issue 173, with letters answered by Sonic himself. Erroneously, Sonic stated that he had given Megadroid "a holiday", despite Megadroid having returned home 33 issues ago, with a good chance that new readers didn't know who Megadroid was.


Despite him later claiming that he was from another planet, the Issue 4 profile of Megadroid revealed that he was created during a freak accident in a highly secret research laboratory. A bolt of lightning struck the compund during a test run of an advanced artificial intelligence program. A nearby Mega Drive got caught up in the blast and, since then, all the scientists and notes on the study have gone missing. Megadroid later turned up at STC offices, armed with impressive knowledge on all things Sega, and was put to work scrubbing floors and cleaning desks. To this day, he remains convinced that he is undervalued.


Mark 2 presenting the first Speedlines

Megadroid's appearance has not always been the same. His first appearance showed him to be chunky yellow robot, with a visor that vaguely resembled a Mega Drive control pad. He got a major redesign in Issue 58, along with the rest of the comic, now sporting a much sleeker design and the ability to hover. His torso was adorned with 'M2', being the second iteration of the model.

When answering letters in Speedlines, Megadroid would change colour from one reply to another. While each design showed Megadroid's head next to every answer, the original model completely changed the colour of this head. The second Megadroid only differed by the colour of his visor; his head remained silver.

In Sonic the Comic Online, he got another new look, now shaped like a Gamecube console labelled MKIII. Issue 245, in STC's 15th year, saw Megadroid get yet another redesign, going back to basics to be shaped like the original Mega Drive console. STC-O shows Megadroid to be 3D, as opposed to his old flat drawings. He also changed regularly to fit the occasion: Hallowe'en often showed him sporting horns and a scary mask, he'd look particularly festive at Christmas, he celebrated the comic's 250th issue with a party hat & badge, he donned a school uniform for a 'back to school' special and a 'hawaii shirt' look for a summer special, and for the 15th anniversary special he used his original body. (A poster for the special showed Megadroid's original body, his old STC-O body, and his recent body in one 'photo', with Megadroid's recent body having a matey hand on the original.


MD's first look in Sonic the Comic Online

Extremely negative towards the Humes, Megadroid believes that he's the only one who really does any work in the office. He thinks they are rather lazy and is constantly pushing them to get strips finished in time for issues. Megadroid is also keen to show people who the boss is, labelling the staff as "Humes-who-think-they're-in-charge".

His attitude to Boomers, however, is completely different. Once he's got his staff irritation off his chest, he often jokes with readers and is more than happy to divulge information on current stories and what else is to be found in the comic. He also loves Sonic the Comic and is keen to celebrate STC's birthday when it comes around.

Megadroid is said to be sad to leave in Issue 140, but reveals that he's homesick after spending five years on an alien planet. In the first STC-O issue, #224, Megadroid claims he got involved in the Internet and that the comic was now following in his footsteps.


His current STC-O guise

As well as his regular appearances in the mentioned features, Megadroid also starred in two solo stories. Megadroid followed the droid as he showed readers around the STC office. The story suggested that Sonic and the other characters lived in this world as well, their props and weapons found in a cupboard. It is revealed in this story that Megadroid eats "micro-chips" and drinks oil.

Megadroid reappeared in his new guise in Megadroid on the Move. The robot, sick of the way he's treated, leaves STC to find a job where he's appreciated. He doesn't do well as a train caterer or a waiter on a cruise liner, but eventually finds his dream job fixing computers. He even falls in love with a girl-droid, but the relationship doesn't seem to work. Fed up, he returns home to the offices where the Humes throw him a party.

Sonic the Comic Online

Megadroid returned to his job at STC with the introduction of Sonic the Comic Online. Once again the editor in charge, Megadroid continued to rule the roost over the Control Zone and answered emails whenever Speedlines made an appearance. In the Message Zone's early days, the droid would also make posts, mainly about the rules of the message board.

Issue 231 contained Megadroid the Movie, a video showing Megadroid mk 2's reaction to an April Fool's gag.

In Issue 252, Doctor Robotnik conquered the comic and replaced Megadroid in all his features, but Megadroid was able to eradicate the "virus" and resume normal service by the end of Speedlines.

Megadroid made a cameo in the Anniversary Zone's Robotnikat comic "Deadline Disaster" in a picture on the titular character's office wall.