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Medusa is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story in Issue 163 of Sonic the Comic.



After several weeks of searching, Death-Trap have picked up the trail of Sonic the Hedgehog and track him down to a small city. The members bicker about Totem Billy having a cold, but the trio's bike is stopped when an old lady crosses their path. The mercenaries prepare to deal with this nuisance, but she reveals herself to be Medusa and turns Prank and Totem Billy to stone. A shocked Kalus attacks her, but a delayed reaction turns the stone man into sand.

In the city, Sonic and Amy Rose are relaxing until a commotion alerts a bored Sonic. Medusa has entered the settlement and is turning the soldiers into stone. Amy tells Sonic that Medusa can be defeated by her own reflection, but a shiny shield aimed at Medusa proves the legend to be false. Sonic takes the fight into the desert, noticing that Death-Trap are no longer a problem for him. The hedgehog tries to tackle Medusa with his eyes shut but charges straight into a pillar. A sandy Kalus springs into action too, so Sonic spin-attacks him. The resulting sand cloud blinds Medusa and the two heroes take the opportunity to knock her out.


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