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Art by Mick McMahon

Not to be confused with the story of the same name.

Medusa is a monster from Greek mythology. With hair made from live snakes, she was able to turn anyone who looked into eyes into stone. She was supposedly killed when Perseus beheaded her.

An incarnation of Medusa lived on Shanazar and terrorise cities by turning their populations into statues. Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose were in town one day during one of her rampages. Having already defeated Death-Trap, Medusa turned her attention to the hedgehogs. Amy appeared to have a plan, legend stating that she gazed at her own reflection and turned herself to stone. Unfortunately, that part of the myth was incorrect as Medusa was immune to her own magic. Unable to look into her eyes, Sonic destroyed a sandy Kalus, blowing the debris at Medusa, obscuring her vision. Amy then thumped her before the local guards bagged her head and took the monster away.


  • According to Amy, on her visit to Ancient Greece during her journeys through the Ring of Eternity, she learned that the legend of Medusa stated she was defeated when hero Jason (of Argonauts fame) reflected Medusa's image back at her. This conflicts with the popular story of her beheading at the hands of Perseus, her head then being used as a weapon.
  • Although Amy states she learned about Medusa in Greece, this was not mentioned in The Thirteenth Task. However, since the girls didn't fade away immediately and there was a notable time skip before dinner with Hercules, she may have heard the tale from someone.


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