Mayhem in the Marble Zone is a Sonic the Hedgehog complete story that appeared in Issue 3 of Sonic the Comic.



Deep in the Marble Zone, a group of Badniks have cornered their prize. Tufftee, a squirrel from the Green Hill Zone, has come to the Zone to save his friends but is now about to be crushed by a Checker-Wrecker Ball! Back in the Green Hill Zone, Sonic is too busy listening to his Walkman to hear any protests from Tails, so it takes a kick up the bum from the fox to earn Sonic's attention (and ire). The reason for the rude awakening is that Sally Acorn is here and she's upset about her little brother, Tufftee, going missing. She explains that Tufftee just wanted to be a hero like Sonic, so he found an old pair of Power Sneakers and headed to the Marble Zone. Realising that his old boots might still have a bit of energy in them, but not much, Sonic speeds off to the Marble Zone before Tails can tag along. The area is a danger zone, so Sonic stocks up on some remaining Power Rings and takes a shortcut through a giant one, only for him to accidentally arrive in the Special Zone!

In the Marble Zone, the Badniks are having some fun. They've changed their mind about crushing Tufftee and are about to drop in some lava when Tufftee speeds off, only to smash straight into a wall. The Badniks wheel in a Badnik Processing Badnik in order to turn him into one of them when the ground suddenly starts shaking. Just then, Sonic bursts through a wall and smashes open most of the Badniks, freeing his organic battery friends inside. A Moto Bug decides it doesn't want to be destroyed so heads towards the lava, planning on roasting his battery alive. Sonic easily stops in front of him, but the two of them find themselves under a crushing weight. Fortunately, Tufftee has mastered his shoes enough to rush in and save them both (much to the Badnik's disgust). As Tufftee gushes about saving his hero, an annoyed Sonic releases the last captive.

Once again in the Green Hill Zone, Sally sobs that she may never see her brother again, just before Sonic drops him off in front of her. Tufftee tells his sister that he is a hero, which reminds Sonic to take his old sneakers back. A quick dangle upside down later and Tufftee now knows not to emulate the one true Sonic the Hedgehog!



  • The Marble Zone makes its first and last true appearance in Sonic the Comic.
  • Sally's name is given for the first time. She is also revealed to have a brother, although Tufftee would return until Issue 250, a whole 247 issues later (and even then he's cropped out of The Battle For Mobius, only appearing in the corresponding pin-up.
  • Sonic is shown to be collecting Rings for the last time. They are shown to actually do something for the first time and Sonic is seen jumping into a Goal Ring for the first time, only for him to land in the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 version of the Special Stage.
  • The Chaos Emeralds can be seen at the end of the Special Zone, even though it is later stated that Sonic collected them and hid them in North Cave. Furthermore, five of them are shown to be red, when they are usually either all green or all different colours.
  • The Badnik Processing Plant is seen for the only time and doesn't even get to finish his only sentence. However, it wasn't seen to be destroyed.
  • The idea of Power Sneakers containing power is soon quashed in The Origin of Sonic, when it is mentioned that they only provide a way of reducing friction so that Sonic can gain high-speeds. This Millar mistake is repeated much later in Spinball Wizard, when Sonic opens a crate of sneakers and speeds off faster than ever.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Robofox. The next is Day of the Badniks.

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