Master of puppets, I'm pulling your strings.

Master of All I Survey is a complete Doctor Robotnik story appearing in Issue 256 of Sonic the Comic Online and leading directly into the issue's third story, Rivals. The strip continues the "Mobius At War" story arc.



Robotnik is enjoying his new position of power over Mobius and how he can follow every Badnik's movement, referring to himself as a God. On this occasion, he is controlling a number of Badniks directly as they battle Knuckles the Echidna in the Rail Canyon Zone. Knuckles is merely creating a diversion so the G.U.N. troops can go after Robotnik's depot, but they are soon overwhelmed by more Badniks. Robotnik uses a hologram of himself to rub his victory in Knuckles' face and toys with turning him into a super-Badnik or simply executing him on the spot.

In his gloating, Robotnik reveals that he has the Chaos Tap in the Egg Bastion and can easily ignite the Chaos energy within to blow Mobius up, but Knuckles reveals his plan: By letting Robotnik spot him, G.U.N were able to plant a Badnik jamming device without being detected. A blast of energy from the Floating Island soon destroys the depot, and Robotnik is only slightly annoyed. The Sand Ocean Zone will replace the Rail Canyon Zone base, as he has already moved his napalm eggs there, and he makes plans to survey Knuckles.

Meanwhile in the Emerald Chamber, Knuckles reveals to Tikal and Porker that Robotnik has given the secret of one of his weapons away, and they begin making plans to disable the Chaos Tap.


Several Badniks make an appearance in this story, either in action against Knuckles and G.U.N. or mentioned by Robotnik:


  • Knuckles says that it "ain't over" until Robotnik sings, a reference to the "fat lady".
  • Robotnik declares that the choice between killing Knuckles and turning him into a Badnik would have to be settled by the flip of a coin. In the next panel, a screen behind Robotnik shows a simulated coin toss, although the outcome is unknown.


  • Scorptanks are mentioned for the first time, although they were not shown. It is unknown if they are the same as Skorps.
  • Both the Rail Canyon and Sand Ocean Zones make their first and, so far, only appearances.


  • Knuckles calls G.U.N. "gun".


  • In the pre-release edition of Issue 256, this story originally appeared after the Sonic the Hedgehog story, putting events out of order.


Response to the strip was mixed on the Message Zone. Several Boomers commented that it was nice to see Robotnik again, particularly taking a more hands-on approach in the war. The flow into the Sonic story was also praised, although it was mentioned that the two strips could perhaps have appeared in different issues. It was noted that the "Robotnik" strip comes across more as a Knuckles strip.

Much attention, oddly, went to the lettering of the strip. When Robotnik spoke through the computer, the resulting speech bubbles were black with red writing. Many stated that this was hard to read, compared to the usual black on white. The font was derided, with one person disliking how the letter "A" resembled a triangle. It was also noted on a number of occasions that Robotnik's exaggerated stuttering didn't work in writing, resembling a teenager's "status update". Writer Ellis explained that this was due to Robotnik learning to talk again, having devolved since "The Battle For Mobius".

Away from the lettering, Robotnik's dialogue wasn't received too favourably and there were those that said there was too much of it. The art was rarely touched upon, although it was noted to be "solid".

One controversial part of the strip was the final panel of Page 2, showing Knuckles being attacked by Badniks. Stuart Gipp noted that Knuckles was being "raped", a view eventually shared by others. Artist Corker admitted it wasn't his intention to have Knuckles appear to be "sexually assaulted" but liked the final composition and left it open to readers' interpretation.


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