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Master Scholar

Master Scholar is a leading figure in the Drakon Empire, sitting at the very top of the House of Knowledge. Along with Sister Haggra and, formerly, Emperor Ko-Dorr, Scholar controlled all aspects of Drakon life.

The learned master didn't have a major appearance until Sonic the Comic Online. With Doctor Zachary planning to destroy the world with its excess Chaos energy, Sonic travelled to Planet Drak to find out how to stop him. After a blunt standoff with Sonic, Master Scholar conceded that he needed to help the hedgehog and presented him with a Chaos Tap, aware that he could deactivate it at any time. He also had a spy on Mobius, namely Rouge the Bat, first instructing her to take part in Zachary's plans and then was instrumental in her attack on the Hill Top Zone.

Master Scholar, being the most intelligent Drakon, often thinks many steps ahead of his opponents (and even his cohorts), making a force to be reckoned with come the inevitable invasion of Mobius.