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The Marxio Brothers are a trio of nearhuman (or possibly actual human) brothers (Grouchio, Harpio and Chicio) who are from Super Marxio World. Their name is a play on Super Mario Brothers, which is based on a rival video game characters, and the comedian Marx Brothers, and may also be a reference to Marxism.


At some point, the Marxio Brothers left Marxio World, implying that it was a horrible place. Doctor Robotnik gave the three the generous position of stewards of the Casino Night Zone, although failure to defeat Sonic the Hedgehog would result in them being shipped home. Despite their internal squabbling, the Marxios proved fairly successful, ordering a Trooper atack on Sonic while capturing Porker Lewis and strapping the pair of them to a rollercoaster track. Even when that eventually failed, the Marxios seemed to be fighting well against Sonic and smashed his disruptor device, until it was revealed that Sonic wasn't really trying, merely buying Porker time to end the Marxio's rule over the Zone.

Despite their failures, Robotnik gave them one more chance to earn some money in a similar enterprise on the Floating Island. The Brothers constructed the Carnival Night Zone while Knuckles the Echidna was on the surface of Mobius, inviting the Emerald Hill folk to try the place out and provide Robotnik with much-needed revenue. The trio managed to trick Knuckles (again) with successful go on the Hell House Ride but were ousted as Robotnik employees when Chicio accidentally blabbed. Knuckles' fury resulted in the entire Zone and the Brothers plummeting to the Emerald Hill Zone below. Terrified of Robotnik's wrath, they decided to return to the terrible Marxio World.

Return to Mobius

After some time in exile, the Marxios returned once Robotnik had finally been defeated. Now posing as legitimate businessmen, they bought the Chemical Plant Zone but came across a problem when Megatox returned and threatened to destroy the whole location. Sonic and Tails came to help and sorted the issue, but were still unsure whether or not the Marxios could be trusted.

The Marxios barely appeared on the radar after this. As part of the Kane Broadcasting Company's smear campaign against Sonic, Chicio was interviewed and suggested Sonic was always mad about something and threatened his brothers. During The Battle For Mobius, the Marxios prepared for the defense of their Zone, sending out hired member of The Flock to defeat the Badniks. This means that presumably they have reformed to some degree.

The brothers were later mentioned by criminal Doctor Genius, who showed amazement that the Marxios could be considered to be more dangerous than him.



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