Mark Millar is a writer who worked for Sonic the Comic in its early days. He worked on the majority of lead Sonic the Hedgehog strips before Nigel Kitching became a lead writer while also being his predecessor on the Streets of Rage series.

Millar favoured using the background animals from the Green Hill Zone in his stories, with Sally Acorn becoming a leading member of the Emerald Hill folk when stories relocated there. Adventures mostly occured on South Island and the locations from the Sonic the Hedgehog Mega Drive game. Doctor Robotnik also seemed more keen on "egg-puns" when Millar wrote the story.

After Sonic the Comic, Millar became more famous for writing the Civil War, Wanted and Kick Ass comics, as well as stints with Marvel and 2000AD.



  • Part 2 of Skates' Story saw Skates's mum to own a copy of an LP record from "Mark Miller".
  • Millar supposedly wrote all of his STC strips even before Issue 1.
  • Millar revealed on his private forum in 2009 that all the stories he wrote for Sonic the Comic were written within the space of five weeks in order to raise £3000 to pay for his wedding. While this statement was initially written to justify the stories being 'crap', he later retracted it slightly, saying he still had a fondness for the Streets of Rage stories.
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