Art by Richard Elson

The Marble Garden Zone is a Zone on the Floating Island filled with ancient Roman-esque structures. Over the years, these structures and monuments have fallen into disrepair, however there are still a number of working booby traps throughout the ruins. Since the zone has been uninhabited for centuries, the ruins have been ravaged by the elements and been covered in overgrown plantlife.

When Sonic first discovered the Floating Island, Marble Garden was the first zone he and Tails visited and where they first encountered Knuckles. After a drawn-out fight, Sonic was able to escape with Doctor Robotnik as a prisoner. When Knuckles infiltrated Kintobor's Laboratory and rescued the doctor, Sonic followed them back the island and caused their Egg-o-Matic to crash onto the Marble Garden Zone. Another fight occured before Knuckles and Robotnik escaped to the Temple of Chaos via Zoom Tube.

In between these two meetings, Sonic revisited the Zone with Amy Rose (by use of the Hyper-Spring) to investigate talk of a new Badnik. With help from a former organic battery, Sonic discovered the Combinik and use the Zone's hazards to defeat it.

A spinning top fell from the Marble Garden Zone into the Emerald Hill Zone, giving Amy Rose a chance to experience flying.


A number of different Badniks have appeared in the Marble Garden Zone, both in Sonic the Comic and Sonic the Hedgehog 3:


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