Crisis of infinite Sonics.

Many Happy Returns is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story which appeared in Issue 255 of Sonic the Comic Online and celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Sonic franchise.



9 incarnations of Doctor Robotnik (and a very confused Doctor Kintobor) have been pulled from the dictator's past and future to battle Sonic. The hedgehog is confident enough to take them all on, but after having Robotnik's ghost plunge through him, he is shocked into exhaustion by a future Robotnik who has been heavily augmented with robotic parts. None of the Robotniks know who has brought them together however, and Sonic theorises that it is down to the one in the present day. Sonic soon finds a number of his own previous incarnations (and Bravehog) battling several traps and Badniks. The other Robotniks quickly arrive, and soon both sides are locked in battle. Ultimately, one of the Robotniks, a magician version, summons the cause of the chaos.

It is none other than the Pirate Omni-Viewer, enacting a backup plan should the Brotherhood of Metallix's schemes fail. In a replayed recording, the Emperor Metallix reveals his plan. Since the Brotherhood were created in both Sonic and Robotnik's names, and destroyed by them, the Pirate Omni-Viewer has brought both sides together from several points in time to destroy the very time lines themselves. Sonic immediately rushes off, and returns 5 seconds later with the Omni-Viewer and Vector who plugs the copy into the original. Omni wipes the copy's data and replaces it with a much more benevolent female program. After a moment's flirting with Omni, the reprogrammed Pirate Omni-Viewer begins returning all Robotniks and Sonics to their proper times. As the RBR Robotnik leaves, he observes how Sonic's counterparts look much like each other as opposed to the widely diverse Robotniks. A winking Sonic merely points out that 'you don't mess with a classic.'


  • Fans have compared the two Omni-Viewers' flirting to the scene in Red Dwarf where Holly, the ship's computer, met a female version of himself from a parallel universe.
  • Although the different Robotnik iterations weren't named in-strip, Adamis confirmed their labels in a series of concept sketches. In order of appearance, they are known as "Original Robotnik" (Mega Drive version), "Dictator Robotnik" (AoStH), "Shanazar Robotnik" (ie. the Grand Vizier), "Boy Robotnik", "Reverse Robotnik", "Robotnikat", "Clockwork Robotnik", "Elder Robotnik" and "Ghost Robotnik".
    • There was some confusion and criticism over these being versions of the 'real' Robotnik, rather than alternate universe versions. Huxley's response is that Robotnik was known for changing his look and status quo throughout STC
  • The same link displays the various Sonics from history, although not all are named. Easily identifiable ones are an "early" Sonic (with large top spike), the Christmas tree design, Mark Millar's shades Sonic (from Robofox), the Sonic 3D shape, another upturned spikes version, the Sonic Adventure 2 iteration, Bravehog, Bob Beaky and the original brown Sonic.
  • Bravehog is confirmed to actually be Sonic's ancestor.
  • Reverse Robotnik's spell of "Rekam-Feihcsim, Flesruoy Laever" is simply "Reveal yourself, mischief-maker" in reverse.
  • What looks like the current Sonic is confused when he sees the Pirate Omni, despite having seen it in use during the Brotherhood of Metallix story.
  • It is suggested that "Original Robotnik" got the idea to imprison the future Freedom Fighters from this adventure, leading to a stable time loop that inevitably sees Robotnik gain control of Mobius.
  • There is no ending caption for this story.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was War of the Rose. The next is Rivals.

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