Art by Richard Elson.

Magnets are objects that produce a magnetic field. When held by someone and pointed in the correct direction, it can attract certain metals (iron, cobalt and nickel are the main three). Magnets can also repel or attract each other depending on which way each one is facing.

Horseshoe magnets are the most well-known, taking the shape of the shoe on a horse. They have appeared twice in Sonic the Comic-related publications. The first was used by Doctor Robotnik to capture Sonic the Hedgehog after seeing a similar plan used in a cartoon. Robotnik took some iron rings and painted them to look identical to the golden Rings of Mobius. The plan worked, with Sonic picking up the phony valuables and began to be drawn in. Unfortunately, Robotnik placed the magnet on tracks and Sonic's speed merely pulled the magnet over Robotnik, flattening him.

The Party Pooper also used a magnet on wheels, aiming to get a Metropolis Zone clock tower bell stuck so that party-goers couldn't celebrate New Year's Eve (believing that stopping a clock would stop time). When his plan failed, he attempted to destroy Shortfuse the Cybernik using the magnet, but the squirrel wasn't inside. An altercation between the two saw them bump into the magnet and pointed it at some scaffolding. Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary rescued them before they could be crushed, but the magnet wasn't so lucky.

On a slightly related note, the destruction of the Black Asteroid created an electromagnetic pulse that destroyed every computerised system on Mobius.

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