Art by Nigel Kitching

Madge is an elderly woman from the Metropolis Zone. Engaged in a strained marriage with Arthur, Madge was one of the few people to help Super Sonic after he lost his memory.


Hours after the electromagnetic pulse that ended Doctor Robotnik's reign over Mobius, Madge decided to enjoy her newfound freedom by sitting in a rocking chair outside her house. Her good mood compelled her to talk to a passing Super Sonic, asking him if he thought Robotnik's downfall was good news. When the hedgehog revealed he didn't know what a Badnik was or even his name, Madge blamed it on youngsters' short attention spans and invited him into the house for some soup.

As it transpired, Super Sonic remained in the care of Madge and her husband for several weeks. She attempted to help Super Sonic regain his memory but found herself worrying for him after a stream of harrowing nightmares. Her marriage with Arthur was struggling at this point, with her husband refusing to look after the homeless boy. Madge insisted that she wouldn't throw Super out, revealing that her mother had told her not to marry Arthur. Despite her protests, Super decided to move out in order to regain his memory. To help him out, Madge provided Super with Arthur's beer money.

Many years later, Madge appeared in Sonic the Comic Online, still very much alive and still with Arthur. The couple fell for a scam advert, convincing them to go on an "exotic cruise". The ruse forced them to work for Captain Plunder (and Captain Simpson the Cat) on their search for treasure. However, Madge quickly settled into this role, perhaps not noticing that she had become a pirate. After initially struggling to get to grips with the sails (accidentally knocking Simpson out with a large beam), she soon enjoyed her holiday whilst Arthur was left with the bags. She was even given a bath by Plunder!




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