Art by Adamis and Fast Ashadonic

The Mad Matrix Zone is an area of The Internet. Described by Espio the Chameleon as looking like "a very large, unpopular nightclub". The surroundings include a multitude of tall pillars lit in a variety of different colours. Physics here appear to be similar to the real world, although it is unknown what would happen if one was to fall into the void between stable platforms.

With the New Robotnik Empire attempting to gain a hold of the Internet, Vector the Crocodile sent Espio the Chameleon to the Mad Matrix Zone to clear out some of the Zone's enemy forces. Whilst here, he was forced to fight a digital copy of Shadow the Hedgehog, created by Doctor Kintobor to protect the area. After some interrogation, Espio discovered that Shadow was merely an avatar of a real person, known only as "Ichneumon".


The Zone originally appeared in the Shadow the Hedgehog video game, with Espio teaming up with Shadow.

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