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Art by Pete Murphy

Lord Utsire is a high-ranking member of the Drakon Empire. Supposedly residing within the House of Magic, Utsire was responsible for an assault on Mobius.


Legend talks of a mighty battle between two unknown factions. The Savannah Emperor was so moved of his soldiers' valour that he created the Frozen Zone, a cold place to preserve bodies of his retainers until they are needed. Keen to investigate, Masad Akaan of the Household Keepers was sent to locate the "magickal superweapon, with even Sonic the Hedgehog assisting him. His progress was interrupted by Utsire, who was also searching for it. After injuring Akaan with an energy blast, Utsire ordered his three subordinates to raze the cubed artifact from under the ground. Sonic was able to Spin Attack Utsire, but the hero was soon caught by a spell cast by the Drakon. The menacing foe threatened the use of armies of prosecutors and sentinels to take Mobius. However, he was distracted when Akaan threw a snowball at his face. This caused the spell on Sonic to be broken and allowed the hero a chance to destroy the weapon, despite Utsire's best efforts to kill Sonic. With the weapon gone, Utsire escaped through a Mobius Ring, warning Sonic not to test the Empire further.


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