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Lord Sidewinder is an elderly crime boss from New Tek City on Planet Meridian. He is sophisticated, gentlemanly, and completely insane. The extent of his criminal activities is unknown, but he was once suspected of utilising a nuclear weapon. For the most part, Sidewinder's schemes have revolved around obtaining the powers of Super Sonic and ascending to godhood. He first appeared in Sonic the Comic Issue 85, Heroes & Villains Part Two.


Sidewinder's species is unknown, but he is humanoid and has a deathly grey skin tone, milky-white eyes (though one is always hidden under a monocle) and long black hair. He is always wearing a purple smoking jacket and carries a golden cobra staff. Also, he is often surrounded by snakes.


A Deal With The Devil

When he first appeared in Issue 85, Sidewinder put up bail for Sonic the Hedgehog, after he had been arrested for his suspected involvement with the Chaotix Crew. Sidewinder took Sonic back to his mansion and introduced him to his gang, then revealed that Super Sonic was also present. The crime lord had promised Super Sonic that he would give Sonic over to him in exchange for the demon's service to the gang. Sonic warned Sidewinder that Super Sonic couldn't be trusted, and Super showed them all how true that was by blowing up the mansion. Sidewinder and his group survived because Super Sonic had protected them with an energy shield, wanting to kill each of them one by one. His rampage was halted by the arrival of the Chaotix, who stepped in to fight off Sidewinder's cronies. After Super Sonic was sucked into the Omni-Viewer, Sidewinder and co. made their escape.

Attack On Chaotix

In Issue 88, Lord Sidewinder and his gang attacked the Chaotix Crew's asteroid base. They got in by shrinking themselves down with one of Nack the Weasel's shrinking capsules and hiding in one of Lightmare's Nightmare Boxes, which they then teleported to the Chaotix base. When the Chaotix opened the mysterious box, the nightmare spell within subjected them all to their worst fears. Only Sonic was unaffected because he wasn't standing over the box like the others. With the Chaotix distracted, the Sidewinder gang emerged and returned to normal size. They intended to steal the Omni-Viewer and somehow release and enslave Super Sonic. When Sonic tried to stop them, Bio-Hazard attacked with his toxic vomit. Sonic ducked the toxic stream which then struck Lord Sidewinder. With their leader injured and dying, the gang retreated in order to heal him.


Ever since Super Sonic arrived in the Special Zone, Sidewinder had become obsessed with usurping his powers to conquer the entire universe. When the Black Asteroid appeared in orbit above Meridian, Sidewinder and his gang took off in a rocket in order to try and take control of Super Sonic. The deranged crime boss believed that he could call Super to him with his mind once the asteroid exploded. Whether or not Sidewinder even had any psychic abilities is never discovered, but his gang decided that he was insane for bringing them so close to an asteroid about to explode. Sonic and the Chaotix shortly arrived and a battle ensued, with Sidewinder and his minions quickly being defeated. The Omni-Viewer then appeared and teleported the Black Asteroid to Mobius, robbing Sidewinder of another chance to exploit Super Sonic.

Last Chance

In the story Hunter & the Hunted, Lord Sidewinder teleported Bio-Hazard to the Metropolis Zone on Mobius in order to find Super Sonic, who had become depowered and amnesiac since escaping the Black Asteroid. Unfortunately for him, Sidewinder's hideout was discovered by the New Tek police before Bio-Hazard could accomplish his mission. Bio-Hazard was transported back to Meridian and Lord Sidewinder and his gang were all sent to prison. Sidewinder and his gang have made only brief appearances since and may now all be dead after the Special Zone was destroyed in Sonic the Comic Online.

The Sidewinder Gang

Lightmare - A cunning female infiltrator, Lightmare specialises in using spells to confuse her enemies. She carries a Box of Nightmares that forces her victims to live their worst fears. She is also Lord Sidewinder's daughter.

Proctor Speckle & Mr Fry - A two-for-one deal if there ever was one. Speckle is reknowned throughout New Tek City for his talents in alchemy. He has created a powerful serum that he drinks in order to transform into Mr. Fry, his hulking, monstrous alter ego.

Bio-Hazard - A burly robotic thug, Bio-Hazard is tough but also slow and very stupid. He possesses the disgusting ability to spew toxic chemicals from his mouth.


Sidewinder Gang
Current Members: Lord Sidewinder - Bio-Hazard - Proctor Speckle/Mr Fry - Lightmare

Former Members: Super Sonic - Nack the Weasel

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