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A lizard warrior about to die a painful death. Art by Mike White.

Lizards are a widespread species of animal that exist on Planet Earth, Mobius and Yuria. Although there isn't a specific description of what a lizard definitely is, they are defined from snakes as having limbs, whilst many lizards can detach their tail and/or use colour change to communicate with others. Lizards come in several main types; geckos, iguanas and others like dragons.

In Sonic the Comic, lizards are mainly confined to The Legend of the Golden Axe, with Rigia Mortius being the most visible lizard warrior. Under the command of Sorcerer Blackspell, Rigia was tasked with capturing Tyris-Flare, Ax-Battler and Gilius-Thunderhead with a view to using one of them as a sacrifice. To this end, Rigia commanded her own army of lizard warriors to intercept and defeat them, but they were swiftly taken out by the three warriors.

Max Gamble is the most visible lizard on Mobius. True to his stereotype, Gamble is a slimy individual who lurks in the shadows to commit his foul deeds. Max also has a few lizard associates to do his bidding to save him from getting his hands dirty.