Art by Jon Lock and Iain Stewart

Light bees are small devices capable of emitting a realistic hologram around it. The actual machine is obscured by the projection, giving observers the impression that the image is real.


To date, the only light bee to be seen in Sonic the Comic is one utilised by Rouge the Bat. The agent was paid by Master Scholar of the Drakon Empire to disrupt the Hill Top Zone's High Academy and destroy a priceless mural to lower morale. Prior to the actual operation, Rouge secretly visited the facility and installed a series of smoke bombs to cause panic. Then, from Twilight Towers, Rouge programmed the light bee to attend the ceremony, convincing the Household Keepers that Rouge was there.

The device was first activated once it had passed the security gates. From a security camera, Dunzi spotted her and ordered Wals and Ingham to intercept, but believed she had teleported away before they could apprehend her. In reality, the hologram had shut down with contact from their weapons and the bee was free to visit another area. It switched on once again inside the Venerable Palace, leading the Bounder Brigade to begin an all-out assault on her. They were again confounded when the bee deactivated, despite her appearance being on the cameras.

The light bee committed its final actions inside the main auditorium, appearing to activate the smoke bombs (presumably actually detonated from elsewhere). Dunzi and the Keepers faced off against "her" and retaliated when Rouge appeared to shoot Dunzi. The bullets sailed through the hologram and destroyed the mural, leaving the light bee nothing else to do but switch off for good.


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