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Art by Adamis, Pete Murphy and/or Shimsham.

Libra is the name of a pair of robots that existed in two different planes of reality. If one Libra in a particular location was damaged, the connected Libra would repair itself, and vice-versa. The system was said to be "invincible", but was defeated when its repair software was deleted by Shadow II.


After several months of attacking Mobius, Doctor Ivo Robotnik eventually caught up with old enemy Sonic the Hedgehog at Spike's Place. Controlling the new Libra robot, Robotnik destroyed the wall and drew Sonic outside to fight in the streets of the Metropolis Zone. At the same time, another Libra was fighting Shadow in cyberspace.

Sonic damaged the robot quickly, before Shadow destroyed his version completely. As he did that, the robot on Mobius began to repair itself until it was fully functional once again. Using six guns mounted on the robot, Robotnik attempted to ramp up the pressure and kill Sonic. The hedgehog was assisted by a supply crate dropped by G.U.N., which contained a number of Mobius Rings and a large spring. Sonic destroyed the Libra again, causing it to repair itself on Shadow's side.

By this time, Shadow had discovered how the system worked and used his abilities to take control of the cyberspace Libra. Once inside, Shadow gradually deleted all of the Libra's systems, including the program that repaired both Libras, rendering each robot immobile. The robot on Mobius was then destroyed by the Bullet Station Express. From within its wreckage, Shadow communicated with Sonic through the computer screen, but kept his identity a secret.


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