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Stringer, as caricatured by himself.

Lew Stringer was a writer for Sonic the Comic and became one of the most regularly-contributing staff members, alongside Nigel Kitching.

Stringer was brought in , in Issue 30, to provide shorter, more humourous stories to contrast with Kitching's serious stories, due to Stringer's previous work in children's humour comics. As he himself has put it: "I was brought in to provide a lighter tone to the stories I wrote. Hence the "childish puns". They were puns aimed at children." [1]

By the end of his employment, he was the only writer still working for STC, his final story finishing in Issue 174.

Lew is known for introducing many popular characters such as Shortfuse the Cybernik, Tekno the Canary, Metamorphia and Commander Brutus, as well as an army of comedic characters like Norris Wimple, Windy Wallis, and Fabian Vane. His stories aren't always so well-remembered, but some have found themselves into readers' "best of" lists; the likes of Project Brutus and Game Over came across well. However, the opposite is also true for strips in the vein of Amy's Secret Past and Bravehog which have been almost-universally panned.

As well as Sonic, Lew wrote Marko's Magic Football.

List of Lew Stringer stories

The majority of Stringer's early stories were Sonic features and were few and far between, with Stringer competing with Kitching, Mark Eyles and other non-Sonic writers. In time, Stringer was given control of the Tails one-shots, before moving on to the Amy Rose series when Kitching ceased writing for her. In the end, as the sole writer on the comic, Kitching took over all the Sonic stories before being replaced himself for the Sonic Adventure story arc.

Issues 1 to 100

Issues Story Series
Issue 30 Metamorphia Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 31 The Pretender Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 32 The Unbeatable Foe Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 40 The Frozen Zone Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 41 and Issue 42 Ice Cap Attack Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 41 In Good Hands Amy Rose
Issue 41 to Issue 46 Marko's Magic Football Marko's Magic Football
Issue 45 to Issue 47 Enter the Cybernik Sonic's World
Issue 46 The Big Con Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 51 and Issue 52 Face From The Past Sonic's World
Issue 52 Knuckles Versus the Cybernik Knuckles the Echidna
Issue 54 Beware Predicto! Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 57 and Issue 58 The Rampage of Mekanik Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 63 to Issue 66 Project Brutus Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 63 to Issue 67 Cybernik Strikes Back Sonic's World
Issue 68 Snow Business Amy Rose
Issue 69 to Issue 72 Brute Force Sonic's World
Issue 73 to Issue 76 Fox On The Run Tails
Issue 74 Mission to the Metropolis Zone Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 77 and Issue 78 Hidden Danger Sonic's World
Issue 79 Grounded Tails
Issue 79 to Issue 82 Revolution Sonic's World
Issue 80 Fleabyte Returns Tails
Issue 81 Shock Tactics! Tails
Issue 82 Changing Times Tails
Issue 83 Bubble Trouble Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 83 Mystery Villain Tails
Issue 84 Sneaker Seeker Tails
Issue 84 New Image Sonic's World
Issue 85 and Issue 86 Trooper Trouble Tails
Issue 85 Scream Theme Park Sonic's World
Issue 86 to Issue 88 Future Shock Sonic's World
Issue 87 Easy Target Tails
Issue 88 Small Change Tails
Issue 89 A New Hope Sonic's World
Issue 90 and Issue 91 Secret Weapon Sonic's World
Issue 92 Head in the Clouds Sonic's World
Issue 93 A Christmas Wish Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 93 Season of Goodwill Sonic's World
Issue 94 Eve of Destruction Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 94 and Issue 95 The Monster Wakes Sonic's World
Issue 95 Out For a Spin Amy Rose
Issue 96 Hero Hour Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 96 Furtual Reality Tails
Issue 96 Mock the Doc Sonic's World
Issue 97 Boiling Point Sonic's World
Issue 98 Solidarity Sonic's World
Issue 99 No Exit Sonic's World
Issue 100 The Final Victory: Part 3 Doctor Robotnik
Issue 100 The Final Victory: Part 4 Sonic's World

Issues 101 to 184

Issues Story Series
Issue 101 Vote For Me Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 101 and Issue 102 Invasion of the Veg Heads Sonic's World
Issue 102 Unnatural Disasters Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 103 DIY Danger Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 103 Crawling From The Wreckage Sonic's World
Issue 103 and Issue 104 Flip Side Tails
Issue 105 Deception Sonic's World
Issue 106 Out of Work Hero Sonic's World
Issue 106 and Issue 107 Zero Zone Double Sonic
Issue 107 Bravehog Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 108 Spot of Bother Amy Rose
Issue 109 Kog the Mighty Tails
Issue 109 and Issue 110 Star Struck Amy Rose
Issue 110 The Unbrushables Tails
Issue 111 Hero of the Beach Tails
Issue 111 to Issue 113 Spaced Out Amy & Tekno
Issue 112 No Future Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 112 Channel Hoppers Tails
Issue 112 Raining Bananas Double Sonic
Issue 113 and Issue 114 Fall of the Leaf Tails
Issue 114 and Issue 115 Earthbound Amy & Tekno
Issue 115 Weather Beaten Tails
Issue 116 Spooked Amy & Tekno
Issue 117 High in the Sky Amy & Tekno
Issue 117 Hot Legs Double Sonic
Issue 118 Tall Tails Tails
Issue 118 Multi-Mania Amy & Tekno
Issue 119 Going Crackers Tails
Issue 119 Peace of the Action Amy & Tekno
Issue 120 Riot Resolution Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 120 New Year Twister Tails and Knuckles
Issue 120 and Issue 121 Breakout Amy & Tekno
Issue 121 Bee Prepared Double Sonic
Issue 122 Recipe For Disaster Tails
Issue 122 and Issue 123 Root of All Evil Double Sonic
Issue 124 The Lump Amy & Tekno
Issue 124 Fan Friction Double Sonic
Issue 125 Fashion Victims Tails
Issue 125 Green Envy Amy & Tekno
Issue 126 Desert Fox Tails
Issue 126 and Issue 127 Taking the Plunge Double Sonic
Issue 127 Fog Warning Tails
Issue 127 Amy's Secret Past Amy Rose
Issue 128 First Flight Tails
Issue 128 Yesterday's Heroes Amy Rose
Issue 128 Show of Strength Double Sonic
Issue 129 Clear As Mud Tails
Issue 129 Fights, Camera Action Amy Rose
Issue 130 Showdown: Parts 1 and 2 Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 131 and Issue 132 Shady Characters Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 131 Making the News Tails
Issue 131 Game On! Double Sonic
Issue 132 Cat Trick Tails
Issue 132 Vane Hopes Amy Rose
Issue 133 Sun-Trap Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 133 Following Suit Amy Rose
Issue 133 Football Lazy Double Sonic
Issue 134 Eternity Ring Amy Rose
Issue 134 Hyper Sonic Double Sonic
Issue 135 The Sky's the Limit Tails
Issue 136 Prehistoric Ways Amy Rose
Issue 137 Day of the Puppets Amy Rose
Issue 138 Doctor Genius Tails
Issue 139 Future Distractions Amy Rose
Issue 139 Bite Back Tails
Issue 140 and Issue 141 Out of Time Amy Rose
Issue 140 Rat Race Tails
Issue 141 Skeleton Crew Tails
Issue 142 Day One Amy Rose
Issue 142 Rise and Fall Tails
Issue 143 and Issue 144 When in Romanus Amy Rose
Issue 145 Dream On Amy Rose
Issue 145 Captain Christmas Tails
Issue 146 and Issue 147 Earth Attacks Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 146 New Year Out Amy Rose
Issue 147 Small Talk Tails
Issue 148 No More Heroes Tails
Issue 149 The Thirteenth Task Amy Rose
Issue 149 Forbidden Island Tails
Issue 150 Going Underground Tails
Issue 151 Northern Frights Tails
Issue 152 and Issue 153 Treasure Seeker Amy Rose
Issue 154 Desert Storm Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 154 and Issue 155 Gangster Trap Amy Rose
Issue 156 Full Circle Amy Rose
Issue 158 Bottled Up! Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 159 The Rig Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 160 Knightmares Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 161 and Issue 162 Space Race Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 163 Medusa Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 164 and Issue 165 Worlds Collide Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 166 Earth Spirits Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 167 Superzone Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 168 Mirror Image Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 169 Secret of the Gods Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 170 Splitzoid Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 171 Planet in Peril! Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 172 The Terra Connection! Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 173 and Issue 174 Game Over Sonic the Hedgehog