Letterers are staff at Sonic the Comic who write the speech bubbles and words within them once the artists have completed the script. Most are distinguished by their unique fonts. STC had 3 to 4 regular letterers, with a few other contributors.

List of letterers

Letterer First Issue Last Issue
John Aldrich Issue 2 Issue 5
Richard Bird Issue 2 Issue 5
Elitta Fell Issue 1 Issue 169
Tom Frame Issue 1 Issue 154
Annie Parkhouse Issue 96 Issue 96
Woodrow Phoenix Issue 13 Issue 14
Steve Potter Issue 2 Issue 76
Gordon Robson Issue 93 Issue 139
Ellie de Ville Issue 1 Issue 184

Sonic the Comic Online

On many occasions during Sonic the Comic Online, artists of particular stories would provide their own lettering. In fact, the vast majority of STC-O letters have contributed elsewhere as either a writer or artist.

Letterer First Issue Last Issue
Zoe Matt Issue 224 Issue 224
Jamie Botham Issue 224 Issue 224
Shanna Hand Issue 224 Sonic the Easter Special
Michael Stewart Issue 225 Issue 233
Kerrie Mock Issue 226 Issue 235
Charles Ellis Issue 234 Issue 261
Mike Corker Issue 236 Issue 256
Matthew Allen Smith Issue 242 Issue 245
Chris G Issue 245 Issue 257
Stiv Hallowe'en Special Issue 255
Lisa Lee Hallowe'en Special Issue 255
Zak Simmonds-Hurn Issue 248 Issue 248
Alex Willmore Issue 249 Issue 251
Iain Stewart Sonic the Summer Special 2009 Sonic the Summer Special 2009
Pete Murphy Sonic the Summer Special 2009 Issue 257
Jin Chan Yum Wai Issue 251 Issue 252
Stephen Davis Issue 253 Issue 253
J. 'Deebs' Jones Issue 255 Issue 255
Seumidh MacDonald Issue 259 Issue 261
Nigel Dobbyn Issue 261 Issue 261
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