Art by Michael Corker

Leon (also known as E-04 Leon) is a Badnik created by Doctor Ivo Robotnik. As its name suggests, Leon is styled after a chameleon. To further this link, Leon can make itself invisible, making it impossible for anybody to damage it. When it returns to full visibility, it can sharply extend its tongue to surprise attackers. Leons usually patrol areas that contain barricades, allowing them to sneak up on enemies whilst they remove the obstacle.

Doctor Robotnik did not add Leon to his Badnik army until he invaded Mobius with the help of the Drakon Empire. At least one was stationed in the Rail Canyon Zone and was used as a part of a large attack on G.U.N. forces in operation there. Along with several other Badniks, Leon surprised the soldiers by sneaking up on them from behind a rocky outcrop. However, its powers of invisibility were not shown here.

Outside Sonic the Comic

Leon originated in Sonic Adventure, where it could be found in the "Windy Valley", "Lost World" and "Hot Shelter" areas. A remodeled version returned in Sonic Advance. In its Sonic the Comic Online guise, it now has a recoloured horn that matches the rest of its bodywork, which is now more green than its original blue. Its coiled tail has also been shortened.


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  • Newtron, a reptilian Badnik that can also turn invisible.

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